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Who do you want to work with? What is your version of success? Are you afraid of going after your niche audience because it might mean always maintaining a smaller business instead of the overnight, high dollar exits entrepreneurs are supposed to chase? Selene Vakharia of SMRT Women shares her journey of building a business in Whitehorse, Yukon and lessons she’s learned in her work creating a community of female entrepreneurs. 

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Have you ever needed just the right tool to do one DIY project at your home or business, but the price tag for the tool makes it not feasible? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk in somewhere and check out a tool like you do a library book? Well, in Saint John, NB Brent Harris has joined the growing sharing economy movement and is providing people with just that opportunity. 

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Tech startups innovate many different aspects of life, but is there any aspect more important than the survival of our planet? We hear from Grant Canary and Matthew Aghai of DroneSeed about their journey of adding another tool to the toolbox of tree planters, foresters and public land managers to combat climate change by using drone technology to plant trees after disturbances like forest fires. 

Not only do we get a lesson in how this technology can work hand in hand with current methods, but we also hear from their experience of what it takes to work and hire people in an industry that is tackling a global issue which can at times be daunting. We hear about how it takes grit to push through the hard challenges. We also learn about how initiatives like #teamtrees and being featured on popular youtube channels and the discovery channel is helping them share their goals. 

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Are you actually living your life with intention, or are you just really good at executing tasks every day? Lisa Arie shares her journey to understanding how much our intentions and the way our personality hardwired effects our abilities in the business world and beyond. By taking an immersive approach, she guides people who visit her ranch, Vista Caballo, on a path to raise their awareness of how they approach different situations. A genuinely intriguing conversation that raises thoughts about how our unconscious behaviours impact the success and productivity of our businesses.

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Have you been avoiding a challenging, high stakes conversation? As a leader, are you struggling with how to communicate with your team in a way that prioritizes them, but keeps your customers and business in mind? Our guest Susan Steinbrecher joins Greg and Dave to share her 27 years of experience in training business leaders how to do all of that. 

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If you aren’t willing to invest, how can you turn around and expect someone to buy from you? Our guest Stephen Somers shares how he and his business partner turned their successful business as Amazon sellers into an eLearning business teaching others to sell their products and services. A genuinely engaging conversation hearing how they’ve built in longevity to their business by layering in optional services that help to solve the issues they know their clients may hit when they are out running their businesses. Best of all, in this interview, Greg, Dave and Stephen all come together to emphasis the importance of authenticity in everything you do when connecting and growing your business model.

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Entrepreneurs are not business people, and business people are not entrepreneurs. There is a unique shift in the mindset that occurs between those two roles, and the difference happens more as a business grows, which forces many people to switch between the two. But what drives one person into an entrepreneurship path? What life events instil that drive to create something all your own? 

Eric Gilbert-Williams may not have the end-all answer to those questions, but he has a lot of ideas around the topic pulled directly from his own life experiences. Sharing his early struggles with the law and finding stable employment, he illustrates how the entrepreneurial spirit of perseverance and learning from failure helped him to build a successful business, achieve a successful exit and has set him on his next path of projects. 

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Are you facing a hard life choice? Whether you’re heading towards retirement, are considering a major career change or just need to find more purpose in your life overall, our guest today doesn’t have all the answers for you but she can teach you how to find them yourself. 

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Are your employees as engaged with your values as you are? Is your leadership team giving a clear direction of how they want to see the business evolve with purpose? Are you feeling a little stuck as a business when it comes to the bigger impact you want to have?

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Being an entrepreneur in the digital age comes with its own set of challenges. Elisa Camahort gives us essential lessons she’s learned throughout her career as an entrepreneur in the startup tech sector and some perspectives unique to being a female entrepreneur. 

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Are you constantly feeling like everything you see online makes it seem like everyone else is doing better, succeeding faster and are just overall better at business and entrepreneurship than you? Have you been chasing that overnight success? Our guest today, Matt Symes has a frank and direct attitude towards helping people understand where the issues in their business are. He calls out some of the perfect success stories that are highlighted and talks about the struggles real companies face as they grow.

If you are an entrepreneur, this is a must-listen episode! Put your headphones in to listen, though as this lively conversation has a few explicit words thrown in.

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What happens when your favourite t-shirt becomes unwearable? Maybe it has a rip or stain, or your significant other has banned it from your clothing rotation. Do you throw it away? Do you keep it in a drawer taking up space? Have you ever thought about just how much waste we create from the clothing items we toss away? Our guest Shamini Dhana has, and she has a solution.

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As part of our Boiling Point Process live event on December 2018 in Saint John, New Brunswick, we invited four sets of guests to join us on stage for live recordings of The Boiling Point. Today, we share one of those episodes featuring our friend Lisa Hrabluk.

If you don’t know Lisa, you need to check out her work with Wicked Ideas and The Mars Collective. She is working on digging into how to change the landscape of change-makers in New Brunswick. In this episode, Lisa joined us to give her experience around How to Build and Speak to Your Community. This interview is the last step in our Boiling Point Process: 4 Steps to Be Heard In A Noisy Market.

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Imagine finding a career that you love, are talented at and have achieved success. Got it? Okay, now imagine you are hit by a car. Twice. Would you have the mental and physical endurance to come back from such traumatic events? If you did fight your way back, would you be able to know when your mental health needs to take precedence over that career and walk away from it? If you’ve faced adversity in your career, you need to listen to the story of our guest Emily Rodger. 

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Does thinking about the number of unanswered emails in your inbox right now cause you high levels of stress throughout your day? Are you always putting off tasks like finishing that powerpoint for tomorrow’s presentation because you don’t enjoy or have the skills necessary to do it? Maybe it’s time to let someone take over for, like our guest Belinda Wasser, RocketGirl.

Belinda shares with us her journey of creating and naming her business, Rocket Girl. She explains how she works with clients as a business manager to help them be more effective with their time. Belinda also shares how she’s created an online community and training system for other virtual assistants or those interested in pursuing the virtual assistant career path.

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In this week’s episode, three white guys have an uncomfortable conversation about race. Our guest Ryan Honeyman, who is the co-author of The B Corp Handbook, leads Dave & Greg on a discussion around the importance of changing our perspective from being “not racist” to “anti-racist”. Ryan speaks to us about how he’s needed to adjust his perspective as a white male. We hear how important it is to not shy away from topics that might make you feel uncomfortable. We all need to see the reality of racism in our culture that unconsciously impacts our beliefs.

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A panel of experts, Jim Kokocki, Rivers Corbett, Genevieve Coates and Kim Houlahan join us to give their experience around How To Be Seen As A Thought Leader by speaking about the idea of platform anxiety. 

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Downsizing your possessions after spending years in the same home can be a daunting task that brings so many emotions. What if you have to move across the country? Will all your furniture fit in your new home? How do you manage all this when it’s not something you do every day?

That’s the struggle that real estate mother-son team Mary and Davis Schryer saw happening to their demographic of clients. They came up with a solution with the services they offer to help guide their clients through the downsizing process.

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Do you find yourself moving from boring meeting to boring meeting? Worse yet, are you the one leading the meetings that everyone finds boring? If so, maybe it’s time to look into some humour training to help improve the culture and morale of your workplace!

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When you donate to a charity, do you ever want to know the impact that your donation makes? Alexya Heelis of the United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte joins us to share how they are trying to get people to think about their donations, the way they think about their financial investments. The United Way is working with local non-profits to encourage them to track more metrics, watch what’s moving the needle and taking an entrepreneurial style approach to new philanthropic ideas. 

Alexya shares success stories that highlight the value of the impact the United Way can have as an organization. A great episode that shows how your monetary donations can become a wave of social impact giving. 

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How often do you explore the natural world around you? When’s the last time you appreciated what exists in your backyard? We speak with Gail Bremner, Executive Director of Stonehammer Geopark, who shares her mission to spark curiosity about the earth. 

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We were very fortunate during our Live Boiling Point Process event to have some fantastic guests join us for Live podcast recordings. Today we share another episode from that Live recording day, our chat with Hance Colburne. 

Giving practical advice from his years of experience, Hance entertains us with an informative take on becoming a subject matter expert through learning from those you are interviewing. 

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Making the right connections can make or break an entrepreneurs potential business idea. But how do you build those connections effectively in a global business market? Enter Liftoff Capital, a social platform that is a mix between Facebook, Linkedin and a Dating app designed to connect entrepreneurs with potential capital investors. Making the right connections can make or break an entrepreneurs potential business idea. But how do you build those connections effectively in a global business market? Enter Liftoff Capital, a social platform that is a mix between Facebook, Linkedin and a Dating app designed to connect entrepreneurs with potential capital investors. 

Peter Oxley shares his entrepreneurial journey through the medical drug and sales industry and gives us the background story, which led to the creation of Liftoff Capital. 

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As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats, but some of those hats f*ck up your hair and would fit better on someone else’s head. That’s the just of what our guest today, Spencer Sheinin, wants to help you avoid. Through his training, UNF*CK Your Books! The Surprisingly Simple Path to Financial Clarity, Spencer wants to change the relationship entrepreneurs have with their books and encourage them to find the right person to wear that financial hat. Spencer shares the importance and advantages of using cloud technologies and data visualization for entrepreneurs to understand the financial status of their business in real-time better.

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Motivating through inspirational thought leadership, music and positive messages can drastically alter the path a young girl sees for herself. Our guest today, Michelle Delamor, is creating a seismic shift with her company No Girl Left Behind to share messages of support, love and confidence with today’s young women. She is helping to create a cultural shift in female empowerment with drive and dedication to a life long entrepreneurial path focused on putting positive energy into the world.

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Everyone has a story to tell, but you might need some help finding yours. Jessica GioGlio has the experience, knowledge and passion for helping tell unique, engaging stories. She shares with Greg and Dave her personal story of breaking into the marketing space and explains some of the reasons businesses struggle to tell their stories. 

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As part of our Boiling Point Process live event in December 2018 in Saint John, New Brunswick, we invited four sets of guests to join us on stage for live recordings of The Boiling Point. Today, we share one of those episodes featuring our friend Allan Gates. 

If you don’t know Allan, you need to check out Huddle and Bonfire for all the fantastic work he is doing. In this episode, Allan joined us to give his experience around Defining Your Avatar, which is the first step in our Boiling Point Process: 4 Steps to Be Heard In A Noisy Market. 

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Jake Palmer just celebrated his 10th anniversary in Real Estate, with Re/Max! Jake has been a long time friend of our businesses and the Boiling Point Podcast. In this week’s episode, Jake shares how he changed his approach to his business since attending the Boiling Point Process live event in December 2018.

We are so fortunate to have friends and partners like Jake support us in the launch of our new Boiling Point Process training offering, How to Be Heard In A Noisy Market. Listen in as we discuss the takeaway Jake had from learning about our 4 Step Process.

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Ever walk out of a meeting and think “What was that even about? How do I get that hour back?”. Unfortunately, a lot of us have been in that moment. Enter Elise Keith, CEO of Lucid Meetings, whose goal is to help businesses not just have better meetings, but to use meetings as a way of driving overall business success.

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Our guest today, Mark Schaefer helped us to get our minds around the benefits of putting down some of the technology and finding the value of listening to clients to build strong human connections.

Mark has a fantastic bio, so much so that we broke our typical tradition of guests introducing themselves to take the time to read the highlights. He’s a globally-recognized speaker, educator, business consultant, and author. Mark even shared some of his thoughts on the future of podcasting before telling us about his new book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins.
His latest book highlights the importance of building relationships and listening to your clients. With our close connections and love of the B Corp world, this subject hit home for us in a big way.

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Asking for help as a business leader isn’t always an easy thing to do. Your ego might get in the way, or the kind of help you receive might not be what you wanted. This topic, along with many other leadership focused themes, appear in Michael Wallace’s book Motorcycle Metaphor, Leadership Lessons for the Progressive Organization.

Michael discusses with us the journey of his early career in sales to taking coaching certification that helped to change his perspective and give him the inspiration for his book. Dave and Greg both share stories from their own business experiences that related to Michael’s thoughts about getting help and allowing yourself to experience your success.

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Innovation can come from common experiences when you have the right creative minds and entrepreneurial drive to make solutions a reality.

Picture this. It’s after dinner on a clear winter night in Canada and you head out with your friends to the pond to try and get in a quick game before you lose the light. No matter how careful you try to be seeing that black round piece of rubber never gets any easier and eventually you either lose all your pucks in snowbanks or it’s just too dark to see. That problem every young hockey player can relate to is what pushed Derek Chaisson and his friend Rick Richard to create Night Puck.

In today’s episode we hear not just about that first product, but the journey the company has been on to find the right market, optimize the right product offering and securing the funding needed to make their vision a reality.

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Most of the time, math teaches us that there are right and wrong answers. It’s positive to succeed, and it’s negative to fail. But is this attitude leading us to limit what kids feel they can learn? Are we causing anxiety and not adequately preparing our kids to find the positive angles of how you can learn from failure? Vanessa Vakharia uses her strong, Lady Gaga-esque attitude to highlight how we need to move away from “math person” stereotypes. She emphasises how important it is to experience failure on the road to success.

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In the Maritimes, there is this idea that certain careers or industries won’t be possible here. Pamela Mullinger is proof this thinking is wrong.

Pamela shares her journey from growing up in Saint John to gathering global experience in the publishing industry and coming full circle back to build her family’s future with an emphasis on the quality of life New Brunswick offers. We get some first-hand insights into The Edit’s (recently re-branded from The Maritime Edit) creation, goal and future including hearing about how these local stories are resonating on a national stage.

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It's been an incredible 4 years with 250+ guests that have brought Greg and Dave to this point. In this episode, they take some time to recap the December 2018 The Boiling Point Process event, a live all-day training session that was the first delivery of their new 4 step process of how to be heard in a noisy marketplace. Greg and Dave both discuss the journey that they took to reach this point and the goal they set for themselves of offering these live and online courses to share the knowledge they've gained over the years.  

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We all have the best intentions when we set out to build strategies for our business, but how often do we execute on those strategies? Sean Ryan has over 30 years of experience working with businesses to help them understand how to execute their strategies to achieve their goals properly. His new book, Strategy-Execution-Results: The 7 Gears that Transform Strategy to Results takes readers through simple to understand explanations of the steps needed to be more successful with their strategic execution.

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When you are working with a customer, do you focus on making the sale to benefit your needs or are you focusing on how you can best serve the customer’s needs? Troy Wallace talks to us today about how he’s learned from his 23 years in advertising that making that paradigm shift to putting the customer’s needs first changes the entire sales relationship. This episode helps Greg and Dave build their relationship with Troy that started when he attended the Boiling Point Process Live Event in December.  

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What are the cultural agreements we are all making daily? Do we even realize we are making those agreements? And is that unconscious acceptance of what our culture is impacting our ability to innovate with new technology or ideas from other cultures? Matt George reveals the passion behind work that he does in his 9 - 5 and his 5 - 9 careers to create a challenging discussion with Greg and Dave about the intersection of technology, culture and business.

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As entrepreneurs, we seem to have a built-in fear of the big, scary, complex government procurement process. Carroll Bernard is using his knowledge gained while being a purchaser and his background as an entrepreneur to help small businesses learn how to not only build a relationship with government procurement but to do it in a way that ensures growth and opportunity. He introduces us to his training based service company, Govology.

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Do you need to have a “difficult” conversation that you’ve been avoiding? Changing your mindset about the conversation should be the first step.

Executive coach Bruce McLeod talks to us about how these conversations we avoid can be positive situations that give people the opportunity to make choices from the feedback they receive.

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How our world works and the expectations of our contributions have shifted greatly over the past few years. We need more problem solvers and people who are ready to adapt to the changing situations we face in business and our personal lives. Dr. Ed Brenegar shares his approach with us in how any can use leadership skills to make valuable impact, a fact he highlights in his book Circle of Impact: Taking Personal Initiative to Ignite Change.

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Giving someone an opportunity to have a job and a career doesn’t have to depend on what they do or don’t have listed on their resume. Karen Tumelty joins us to talk about the open hiring practices at Greyston and how they are working to remove barriers to employment.

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Our lives are often times built around the work that we do with recent society trends pushing us to be “busy” every hour of the day and creating a stigma of failure or poor leadership when we aren’t. Our guest today Dan Pontefract is calling out this behaviour using his decades of experience in the corporate world to highlight the hypocritical and unhealthy behaviours being found in leadership roles. Dan leads Greg and Dave on a laughter-filled, but thought-provoking discovery where he explains what the work he is doing and the goal of the books he has written is. Dan wants to help people understand that slowing down, taking time to think and being driven by a purpose will lead not only to a productive life, but to overall happiness we should all be striving for.

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Climate change is an issue that is and will continue to affect us. One New Brunswick based company is looking at this challenge head on to find solutions that protect the environment but maintain our ability to access resources. Zach Melanson of Community Forests International joins us in the booth to tell us about their company’s journey from re-foresting an island to giving businesses the ability to offset their carbon footprint by protecting land here in New Brunswick.

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Unconscious Bias can affect how we interact with everyone around us and judge others based on our own lived experiences or perceptions of who they are. Brian Duggan leads us in a conversation to challenge us to accept our own unconscious biases to be more open and create stronger connections and understanding while working in the global world. Brian said we need to “be open to the fact that my experience is my experience, and to wonder about other’s experiences.” as a way of improving our cultural intelligence.

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We go undercover with Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe to learn about her approach called Social Espionage, a way to listen and learn from your audience and then properly plan your strategy and personal branding. With her use of relevant case studies examples from the world’s biggest brands and her openness to share her own life lessons and personal anecdotes gleaned from her grandfather, this episode made Greg and Dave reflect themselves on what they could be improving in their own personal branding efforts.

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In This Episode:

  • Greg talks about the Boiling Point Process, a new project they’ve been working on (0:31)
  • Alice explains the creative economy (2:14)
  • She talks about her mission to solve poverty in New Mexico (4:35)
  • Greg and Alice talk about the strengths the creative industry has over other industries and why it is growing so rapidly (9:52)
  • Alice explains what the challenges are in creating a creative economy in a particular area (18:07)
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In This Episode:

  • Dave talks about having his son be a contestant on Canada's Smartest Person Junior (1:39)
  • Greg and Lisa talk about the new project they have been working on called The Mars Collective, a project based around the necessary shift of our education system to better ready children for the future (3:35)
  • Lisa explains how she and Greg ended up in Dubai together with some of the smartest people in the world (5:12)
  • Greg and Lisa discuss the role they think New Brunswick could have in the future of education (9:45)
  • The gang talk about getting over barriers of access and problems within the education system (11:45)
  • Greg explains the current state of The Mars Collective (17:30)
  • Greg and Lisa talk about how the two of them learned to work together and shared stories from their trip to Dubai (20:27)
  • Lisa and Greg talk about what they gained from their trip (28:23)
  • Dave and Greg talk about a new project they are working on (36:35)
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  • (5:43) They tell of their “leap” into entrepreneurship when developing into an already established business and how they honored it and strive to grow the business for the better.
  • (9:55) The Hyslop’s explain why the two are so aligned in their business desires and in their personal and company values, especially in their case of being a married couple, or “Couplepreneurs”.
  • (14:28) Our two guests explain their definition of their style of social entrepreneurship, why they see themselves as such, and how they set out to make the kind of company that they themselves would want to work for.
  • (26:01) The Two explain how many social entrepreneurs will allow the amazing things they’re doing fly under the radar because of their humble nature. They believe talking about what they do is their obligation as social entrepreneurs because not talking would be discouraging young people to strive for social impact.
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  • (2:58) Curtis explains his product and his motivations for starting his company, Vertiball.
  • (8:11) We hear how Curtis’ experience with cancer along with his grandfather's influence helped change his career aspirations from wanting to be an astronaut to wanting to be an entrepreneur.
  • (14:46) Curtis explains how he’s made his way through the day to day challenges of starting up his company by seeing his growth as a step by step process to get to his end-goal.
  • (20:20) Finally, Curtis describes the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone to succeed in your business.


  • Curtis Kennedy is a mechanical engineering student at the University of New Brunswick and is the CEO of his own company, Vertiball, where he has been revolutionizing muscle care since 2017 with his suction cup based product.
  • His goal is to eventually get into the field of clean energy with a future business venture.
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In This Episode:

  • Dave talks about the story behind the "United Breaks Guitars" videos from 2009. The three discuss the deeper meanings behind the videos' popularity and how it affected United Airlines as a company.
  • He also talks about how he got started on writing his book, "United Breaks Guitars: The Power of One Voice in the Age of Social Media"
  • The three talk about the way social media let's people amplify their voices, and how that can be good or bad.
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In This Episode:

  • Greg and Dave sit down with Nelson Terroba to talk about his career as a basketball coach and how he approaches team building and teamwork.
  • They cover how we got started, how he ended up in New Brunswick, Canada, and his relationship with The G League.
  • Nelson goes over his early loud and continuous model for working as a team.
  • He also goes over his favourtie John Wooden quotes that he uses with his team.
  • Dave and Nelson talk about the take off of Canadian Basketball in recent years.
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In This Episode:

  • Greg and Dave talk with Adam Lordon who is both the mayor of Miramichi, New Brunswick and a passionate filmmaker.
  • Adam reveals the touching story of why he moved back home to Miramichi and how he got into politics.
  • He talks to Greg and Dave about the rich history and culture of Miramichi.
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  • [2:00] Gavin explains why and how he is helping to combat iron deficiency with his heavily reusable product, ’Lucky Iron Fish’.
  • [9:04] He explains how his companies biggest failure ended up becoming their biggest success in increasing the sales of his product in North America.
  • [12:35] Gavin describes his experience pitching the Luck Iron Fish Enterprise on Dragons Den.
  • [15:53] Gavin explains his business journey and the lessons around he learned along the way.
  • [22:35] We learn how Gavin intends to improve the lives of 1 million people by 2020 with Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise.
  • To donate 5 Lucky Iron Fish to families in need, click here!


  • Dr. Gavin Armstrong is the Founder and President of the multi Cannes Lion awards winning company, Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise, a social enterprise attempting to alleviate iron deficiency around the world.
  • He was a Fulbright scholar at Auburn University, was awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Social Entrepreneur category in 2016, and was named 'Social Entrepreneur of the Year' by EY Canada.
  • In 2018 He brought Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise onto CBC's Dragons Den.
  • Gavin is the first Canadian to receive the William J. Clinton Award for international work against hunger, and according to Town & Country, he is one of the 50 philanthropists changing the world.


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  • [1:38] Greg and Suzanne explain B Corps and how Suzanne’s company, Lunapads, makes a positive social impact.
  • [4:00] We talk about the de-feminization of period care that Suzanne has been evolving with her company.
  • [8:10] Suzanne explains the importance of being true to your companies values and the importance of checking one's privilege.
  • [17:00] Suzanne explains keeping her personal social and environmental values in owning a business, and rejecting traditional capitalist business practices in being a social entrepreneur.
  • [22:43] Greg explains how he discovered and fell in love with B-Corp by watching a documentary that Suzanne was in.



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In this episode:

  • Dave, Greg, and Seth talk about the placebo effect and how powerful it can be.
  • Seth talks about the benefits of brainstorming exercises.
  • He also talks about why being a perfectionist is incredibly flawed.
  • Seth talks about the importance of committing your time to learning.
  • Watch The Millennial Dream for free here with Amazon Prime:
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In This Episode:

  • Greg and Dave celebrate the beginning of season 3!
  • Greg shares how Seth Godin is a hero of Dave and Greg’s.
  • Seth explains his heart for teaching someone new things and making significant changes.
  • Seth also explains why Psychographics are important for marketing in a modern social media culture.
  • Dave describes the concept of listening to understand versus listening to respond.
  • Seth describes how to shortest route always looks like the longest one and why taking shortcuts is never the path to success.
  • Using a ‘Grateful Dead’ analogy, the three explain the benefit of focusing on impressing your smaller audience that is really passionate about what you do instead of aiming to please a wider range of people.


  • Seth Godin has been a teacher for 40 years starting at the age of 17. He is also an author with 18 best sellers underneath his belt.
  • He has his own successful podcast, as well as one of the most popular blogs in the world.
  •  Seth is the founder of two companies, ‘Squidoo’ and ‘Yoyodyne’, as-well-as an online leadership and management workshop called ‘altMBA’
  • In 2013, Seth was one of just three professionals inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame and in 2018 he was also inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame.
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In This Episode:

  • Courtney Blair talks about being a mompreneur and how being a mom led her to start her business.
  • She talks about her traumatic past and the struggles she’s overcome.
  • Courtney talks about learning neuro linguistic programming and how it helped her understand more about herself.
  • The three talk about the podcast community and why people start podcasts.
  • Courtney talks about a new podcast she’ll be starting called Unzipped where she will interviewing her favourite podcasters within her network.
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In This Episode:


  • Rumeet explains her work with Viewpoint Leadership and how it helps with the development of leadership in businesses by building the leadership in individuals through research, studies, and workshops. She also talks about her new picture book.
  • She discusses the study Viewpoint ran in relation to “Tall Poppy Syndrome”, and how it cuts down the motivation, productivity, resilience, and even the self-confidence of individuals in a workplace environment.
  • The three discuss what may be the root of motivation, and what is the root of de-motivation in all people.
  • Rumeet tells Dave and Greg how parents can support their children in not having their motivation cut down, and how to support their resilience and personal happiness.
  • The three discuss how being ostracized can bring the same level of pain as being physically harmed, and how this feeling can be prevented in children and teens by eliminating the fear of failure.
  • Rumeet talks about owning your achievements and being yourself, and how it impacts being a stand-out entrepreneur.


  • Dr. Rumeet Billan is the CEO and Chief Learning Architect of Viewpoint Leadership.
  • She has a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and designs programs and courses in leadership and personal resilience for her company.
  • She is an expert in Psychological resilience and how it can help businesses, by focusing on the resilience of individuals.
  • She led the groundbreaking national research study on The 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' which is related to 'Silent Systemic Syndrome' that many women experience when in the workplace.
  • She is also the National Ambassador for 'Not Myself Today®', an initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association that aims to transform workplace culture.
  • Viewpoints website link! -
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  • Ed has nearly 20 years’ experience working with Atlantic Canadian ICT companies.
  • He has a thorough understanding of the business landscape in New Brunswick and believes that technology helps our businesses compete and work with different companies around the world.
  • TechImpact, the company he was the CEO of in the past, had and still has the size and capacity to develop smart solutions for global problems.
  • Ed is working to help the New Brunswick region develop strategies that will be needed for our economy to set an example of  innovation and 'smart government'.


  • Ed, Greg, and Dave joke about their past nicknames.
  • The group talk Ed’s past company, TechImpact, and how it helps build the important educational relationship between technology and education.
  • Ed tells a story of bringing ‘Scratch’ coding into a classroom and how it benefited both the kids and the mentors by tricking them into having fun learning.
  • Greg discusses going to Dubai and how there are teachers there going above and beyond their qualifications to teach kids the skills they will need in the unpredictable future. They also discuss the great teachers doing so in New Brunswick.
  • Ed uses his life experience to discuss being successful and building important connections even if your life and career path doesn’t go in the direction you were expecting.
  • Dave shares his experience with moving provinces and with refugees that sparks a conversation about the importance of making sure everybody feels welcomed in a small community.
  • The three discuss why New Brunswick is looked over and misunderstood.
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In This Episode:

  • Greg and Dave talk about good public relations and how important it is for your business.
  • Bonnie talks about being strategic and consistent with getting your message out there by investing in a plan.
  • She wants business owners to understand their customers and what they really want.  Always ask yourself what is keeping your customers up at night.
  • She talks about the strengths of each of the biggest social media platforms.
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In This Episode:

  • David starts by telling us about his first time firewalking and how terrified he was.
  • He also talks about how his career in the firewalking business started.
  • David talks about some of the celebrities he’s seen firewalk and how the process effects people.
  • David talks about being your own hero.
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In this episode:

  • Elizabeth explains why she wrote her book and what inspires her.
  • She talks about staying motivated and why some entrepreneurs find their interest in their company going stale.
  • Elizabeth talks about showing people how to look at themselves with more compassion.
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In This Episode:

  • Connor explains his frustration with the usual freelancer finding websites online.
  • He explains how his company, FreeeUp, only allows the top 1% of freelancer applications onto their market and even offers freelancer insurance.
  • Connor talks about hiring freelancers vs. employees.
  • The three discuss being in control of your business and your assets instead of relying on other companies or services.
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In This Episode:

  • Greg and Dave sit down and talk with two of the board members of L’Arche, a chain of communities where people with intellectual disabilities are able to share with each other and explore their gifts.

  • Their guests, Jim and Martin, talk about L’Arche’s art galleries and how they help build confidence for people with intellectual disabilities.  They also help people with and without intellectual disabilities connect with each other.

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In This Episode


  • Greg introduces Brent Smith who is a Newfoundland chocolate retailer calling in from Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • We hear our guest’s personal story of how he and his wife decided to go into the chocolate business.
  • Brent explains how part of the inspiration for the company was to afford to get their two sons to Disney World.
  • Our hosts hear the story of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company's breakthrough, and how they became a chocolate retail company.
  • Brent shares how having no paycheque one Christmas morning inspired him and his wife to grow their own business full-time.
  • Listen in to this installment of the Boiling Point to hear the full story!


Who is Brent Smith?


  • Brent Smith is the CCO or Chief Chocolate Officer of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company.
  • The Newfoundland Chocolate Company has won a number of awards including the St. John’s Board of Trade’s highest honour, the 2015 overall Business Excellence Award.
  • In addition, Newfoundland Chocolates were named the Atlantic Food Product of the Year in 2012. They were named one of Canada’s top chocolates in 2013.
  • Prior to his leap into the world of chocolate, Brent worked with and ran several non-profits. This included seven years at Easter Seals Society and five years in tobacco control policy.
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  • Ken chats with Greg and Dave about his passion for surfing and how it has become a creative outlet for him to express himself.
  • Ken explains the essence of surfing and life lessons you can learn from being out on the water, and how the experience itself can teach you things outside of surfing as well.
  • Ken discusses about how he drifted away from surfing, and it came back to him at the age of 40 and he felt the same excitement as when he was 14 years old.
  • Ken talks about how he incorporates his love for surfing into his ways of teaching.


  • As a life long wave-rider, Ken lives his life in motion, more improvised than choreographed.
  • Ken Otter presently works as the Co-director of The Leadership Center at Saint Mary's College and Associate Professor in Leadership.
  • Ken's educational background includes studies in somatic, counselling and organizational psychology, expressive arts therapy, adult development and learning, and leadership.
  • Ken designs and facilitates innovative and transformative learning experiences for people, individually who want to use their role and work to catalyze meaningful systems change in their world.
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  • Jaclyn chats with Greg and Dave about her book "33 Days: A Parenting Program to Strengthen Your Family", and describes how the Law Of Attraction inspired the start up of her book.
  • Jaclyn talks about becoming more relaxed by becoming less busy and enjoying other experiences outside of work.
  • Jaclyn discusses how her therapy is not structured like usual therapists, she reads and collects things that she thinks might help them. 
  • She describes her office as having natural elements such as rocks, fountains, trying to bring the grounding and calming energy indoors as much as possible.
  • Jaclyn explains the importance of what she does and how she can make a positive impact on the world.


  • Jaclyn Trecartin is a Certified Canadian Counsellor
    and a Licensed Counselling Therapist, working with children, families, and adults.
  • Jaclyn currently runs a private therapy practice in Saint John,
    New Brunswick.
  • She has published one book incorporating theories
    of the Law of Attraction with her experience as a therapist, in a flexible and creative workbook entitled 33 Days: A Parenting Program to Strengthen Your Family.
  • She believes in the power of nourishing our inner light and expanding it outward and has a newsletter dedicated to this belief, the Shine Revolution.
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  • Bethany chats with Greg and Dave about creating SomaDetect agriculture farming company, which is helping farmers provide better care for animals and providing good quality milk.
  • Bethany talks about completing a PHD in biology, and how it has helped immensely with the start up of SomaDetect.
  • Bethany discusses how she helps farmers diagnose low quality or contaminated milk and providing nutritional needs for farmers with their farms.
  • Bethany tells how the idea was actually born from her father, and how he was a biophysicists who worked on applications involved with the innovation behind SomaDetect.


  • Bethany Deshpande is the CEO of SomaDetect. She is a scientist turned entrepreneur who is providing dairy farmers with the information they need to produce the best possible milk.
  • Bethany has experience in community engagement, Northern environmental science, mathematics, and data analysis.
  • Bethany set out to commercialize the technology developed by her dad over the past several decades.
  • SomaDetect represents a significant innovation within the dairy industry.
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In this episode:

- Richard explains the impact on broad lateral thinking that comes with training or schooling in architecture.

- Richard and Greg give examples of the qualities of architecture being transferable to different jobs.

- They explain parallels between architecture and film.

- They speak on monument building in the light of old monuments getting taken down.

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In This Episode:

  • Bridget Oland discusses how she got to her position as the marketing director and recipe developer of Crosby's Molasses
  • Greg, Dave and Bridget all share their best molasses stories
  • Bridget explains how molasses is made and what a versatile product it is
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  • Greg introduces Alex MacBeath as the Chair of the Wallace McCain Institute.
  • Alex explains what he now does, as well as the companies that he manages.
  • We hear the in-depth process of becoming a member of the Wallace McCain Institute’s
  • Our guest shares with Dave and Greg the thorough application process of the Wallace McCain Institute.
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  • In this episode we hear Andrew Bedford’s passion towards heritage marketing.
  • Andrew Bedford gives his story on how he became inspired to recreate the Hartt Shoe Company.
  • Our hosts go over with Andrew the iconic history of the Hartt Shoe Company in New Brunswick.
  • Our guest shares when he heard the history of the Hartt Shoe Company he fell in love with the brand. This inspired him to revive it.
  • We hear how Hartt Shoe was a proud partner of the Canadian military during World War Two. The soldiers who fought for Canada wore Hartt boots when they fought for our country.
  • We hear Andrew’s philosophy towards social responsibility and how he brings that into his businesses.
  • Listen in to the episode to hear the full story!
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  • Cody Royle explains how business leadership is similar to sports leadership.
  • Our guest goes over that he is the head coach of the Canadian National team for Australian Rules football.
  • He shares with our hosts what Australian Rules football is. He also explains the popularity of this sport within Canada.
  • Our guest gives his take on how he finds similarities between the Canadian and Australian culture.
  • Cody shares with Dave and Greg about the process of writing his book. He also shares his experience interviewing world-class sports coaches from around the world.
  • He then also finds a contrast between sports coaching and business coaching.
  • Listen in to the podcast to catch the full interview!
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  • Greg goes over the story of how he met Elizabeth at a B-Corp event in Philadelphia.
  • Elizabeth explains to the listeners about her company “Meaningful Organizational Design Incorporated” and what her company specializes in.
  • We hear our guest’s philosophy towards business organization, and her shared business values with Dave and Greg.
  • Elizabeth and Greg talk about how the younger generations are spearheading the social responsibility movement, and how this means the future of successful business will be based around social responsibility.
  • Listen in to hear the whole episode!


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  • Our guests share about their company Haute goat, a company based around goat farming.
  • They explain their passion for their business, their animals, and their farm.
  • Debbie and Shain tell the story on how they went down the road of goat farming and how they are so grateful to get paid to do what they love.
  • Listen in to the episode to find out the development of the Nightingale’s family business!
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  • Bernie shares with Greg and Dave his journey through his career. He realized that being a traditional sales agent in the insurance industry didn't feel comfortable.
  • Bernie decided he wanted to start his own business that helps those who have fallen vulnerable to life's unexpected tragedies.
    The company that Bernie founded is Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. This company is the only certified insurance B-Corp in all of Canada.  
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In This Episode:

  • Michael Katz explains why your likeability is actually your biggest asset
  • He explains how to stand out from other people with your same qualifications
  • Michael explains that you don’t need to be an expert.  You just need people to think you’re an expert.
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In This Episode:

  • Will Bernard and Billy English talk about the importance of setting goals for your business
  • They talk about how they tripled their sales in five years and their plans to grow even more
  • Bernard and English discuss the idea of pacing the changes you make in your company
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  • Jeff talks about ways to cope with stress within emergency cares. This led him to being heavily involved with work place safety.
  • Jeff goes on to discuss the idea of ECPR. ECPR keeps a person's vital organs such as their brain supplied with blood and oxygen until they can treat the cause of their cardiac arrest.
  • Jeff discusses building a different foundation in the Saint John Regional Hospital. He discusses his involvement with different resources and how ECPR went on to be a winning idea on the show Dragons Den.


  • Jeff McAloon joined the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation as President & Ceo in July of 2013.
  • Jeff has a background in strategic planning, governance and team building.
  • Jeff is a graduate of Mount Allison University, Ryerson University, and holds a professional designation in Human Resources. 
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Stephen talks about how he can afford to spend so much time surfing in Costa Rica while running a successful business.  Greg reveals some big news for the Boiling Point community.

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 Who is Sean Barker?

  • Sean hails from Labrador City and is the owner of KV Fit Body Boot camp.
  • Fit body boot camp is the fastest growing fitness boot camp in the world. He chose to bring this franchise to the valley.
  • Sean is the author of a novel called Dad Fitness. He is a contributing editor on Fit Parent Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine.


In this episode:

  • Sean shares his morning routine and how he revolves his day around his early schedule.
  • He explains why he believes in quality over quantity of sleep.
  • Sean shares his secret to reprogramming your body.
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  • Myriam and Ajax explain to Greg and Dave the creation of Coherence Collaborative, a business providing organizations strategic business services.
  • Myriam and Ajax explain how sustainability and social values drive their business success.
  • Ajax specifically dives into the topic "how your mindset affects your bottom line".
  • Also, Myriam and Ajax chat about being proactive in a reactive business world.


Ajax Greene:

  • Ajax Greene is a serial social entrepreneur/triple bottom line business evangelist/trusted generalist business advisor/master connector.
  • As a former world class athlete, he brings his considerable focus to building successful businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities.

Myriam Bouchard: 

  • Myriam Bouchard worked as a business advisor for the NYS Small Business Development Centre for over 13 years.
  • Myriam's business advising work includes aligning one's personal aspirations with the business goals to ensure long-term success and happiness.
  • Her passion for everything business related led her to pursue a formal education and earned an MBA from Syracuse University.
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  • Kelly VanBuskirk tells Greg and Dave that he wrote a book about Canadian employers and what motivated him to write it while living in the U.K.
  • Kelly talks about court processes, law firms and how his book can help employers and employees when dealing with labour, employment law and human rights.
  • Kelly also discuss his journey and achievements in obtaining a chartered arbitrator designation in the field of litigation.


  • Kelly VanBuskirk is a partner in the firm of Lawson Creamer, based in Saint John, New Brunswick.
  • Kelly has completed his Ph.D at Nottingham Law School, his LLM at the University of Huddersfield (U.K), his LLB at U.N.B and his B.A. at U.P.E.I
  • Kelly represents employees, companies and unions, and acts as an arbitrator as well.
  • Kelly's articles and commentaries have appeared in Workplace Today magazine, the Solicitor's Journal, the Canadian Bar Review, the Canadian Arbitration and other well known publications.
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  • John Simon chats with Greg and Dave about life experiences with friends, family and how traveling has motivated him to start his own business called Kefi Travel Club.
  • Learn about Adventure, Discovery and Community Building with John's Travel Club
  • John explains the meaning of Kefi, which is a Greek word he discovered from his love of traveling in Greece.
  • The Club including access to private trips, custom trip planning and opportunities to share travel ideas and memories with others in this amazing community.
  • John is passionate about "experiential travel" and elevates the term to a new high with his Kefi Travel Club team.


  • John Simon is an experienced international business professional operating in multinational organizations and entrepreneurial start-up businesses.
  • John’s passion for travelling started young with many van-filled trips to Florida and Myrtle Beach in the ’70’s.
  • Things became more serious with several international projects living and working in Europe during the ’90’s.
  • He also spent 12 years planning and leading unique adventures for groups to places like Ireland, France, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Italy, etc – which formed the basis of Kefi Travel Club.
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  • Beth explains how she founded Aquila Tours to support the cruise ship industry in Saint John, New Brunswick in Eastern Canada after observing that the support industry needed significant improvement. She describes Aquila Tours online training programs for tour operators, tour guides and cruise ship destinations and how she and her team built Aquila into an international company.


  • Beth Hatt moved to Saint John in 1981, founded Aquila Tours the following year and has been recognized as one of the Top 25 People to Watch in Atlantic Canada as well as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.
  • Aquila Tours celebrated 35 years in business in 2017 after building a strong customer base in the Carribbean and Central America coaching other operators and training tour guides to embrace the best practices in the cruise industry.


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  • Ernane Iung introduces the book he authored "The Success Factor - Unconventional Wisdom for Small Business Success".
  • Ernane advises small business owners that unconventional wisdom is more strategic in the real world than using conventional wisdom.He discusses outsourcing, factoring and referral marketing as an asset for a start up.


  • Ernane Iung is the President & Owner of Liquid Capital Solutions and the author of "The Success Factor - Unconventional Wisdom for Small Business Success" specializing in Short-Term Financing for small & medium sized business owners who need immediate cash to grow.
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  • Ian discusses his involvement with politics and being surrounded by politicians who inspired him to pursue his passion.
  • He describes the corporate structure behind MediaStyle, a Certified BCorp, and it's involvement in truth and reconciliation cases. 
  • Ian and his company MediaStyle working with The Tragically Hip's Gord Dowie, learning how to stay humble as they created change through communications.


  • Ian is passionate about creating social change through communications which initiated the founding of his communications firm MediaStyle in 2008. 
  • MediaStyle is a certified B Corp with a mission to help people who needs their voices heard.
  • Ian started his career on Parliament Hill as an assistant press secretary, supporting cabinet ministers and opposition members in the House of Commons.
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  • The Clean Money Revolution is a must read! Joel chats with Greg and Dave about Renewal Funds and the book that he has published and why he did it.
  • The Clean Money Revolution is based on reinventing purpose, power and capitalism.
  • Joel explains the practical steps for investors to become involved with clean investing and the big picture guide for how to achieve it.
  • Joel presents practical investment steps, leaving a positive impact when investing while still providing a return on investments.


  • Joel Solomon is chair of the Renewal Funds, a $98 million venture capital firm in Vancouver that invests in organizations to create positive change.
  • Joel is a founding member of the Social Venture Network, Business for Social Responsibility, Tides Canada and is Board Chair for Hollyhock.
  • Joel speaks passionately, eloquently and digestibly about some of the biggest issues facing us as a species.
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  • Kevin's main project is Hyasynth Bio. A startup focused on opening up the potential of cannabis-derived medicine, by replacing plant growth with engineered microorganisms.
  • Kevin chats with Greg and Dave about his company, and explains the process of producing cannabinoids with yeast instead of growing plants, a manufacturing process which has been around sine the 1970's.
  • Kevin shares his experiences as an entrepreneur in this sector and how Hyasynth differentiates itself from other cannabis business in the industry.


  • Kevin Chen is the CEO and cofounder of Hyasynth, a company that is focused on producing cannabinoids, the active compounds in Cannabis, by using engineered yeast instead of growing plants.
  • With a background in biochemistry, he has switched into a business role at Hyasynth when he started the company in 2014.
  • He is passionate about all kinds of technology development, startups and also community development as a volunteer and director of his local makerspace. 
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  • Dhirendra explains to Greg and Dave his move to Canada at a young age, and how he joined the University of New Brunswick as a teacher with a vision to promote a bright future for entrepreneurs.
  • Dr. Dhirendra Shukla discusses how he began courses at the University and some of the challenges he had to overcome. 
  • Dhirendra also discusses his accomplishments and awards that came from his dedication to the educational system of New Brunswick.
  • Listen to this episode as Dhirendra explain his passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and how he uses it to inspire his students.


  • Dr. Dhirendra Shukla is a Professor of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.
  • Passionate about entrepreneurship, design, engineering, innovation and leadership, Dhirendra ignites the same passion in others through his teachings at UNB.
  • Dhirendra Shukla received an award from UNB in 2014 as the "Most Entrepreneurial Post-Secondary Institution of the Year".
  • Most recently, Dhirendra was nominated for the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award and selected by judges as a top 75 finalist.
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  • Rose discusses with Greg and Dave how she founded, a Canadian firm that helps people shift into thrive.
  • Rose talks about her adventure in finding her passion for music and states how music, communications and math are all integrated.
  • She talks about how she moved into project advisory and how she wanted to empower teams to learn how to work together better. When Rose moved to New Brunswick, she shifted into the workshops and professional developments where she has taught over 15,000 people.
  • Listen in on this episode to hear Rose talk about her upcoming workshop events, the multi million dollar projects she has worked on and how she plans on continuing to make an impact on empowering teams.


  • Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, she has worked through Canada and in 2009, moved her office and production studio to the spectacular Fundy Isles region in New Brunswick.
  • As the daughter of a WWII survivor, she began her career at a young age so to take care of herself and her father who navigated the daily impacts of post-war trauma.
  • By the age of 20, she was representing Canada as a speaker at international conferences while finishing her degree at UBC and developing her management consulting profession.
  • Her specialty is empowering project team functionality, action follow-through, and productivity. Her workshops boost quality of action through an integrated tactical and human approach.
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  • Jenna discusses with Greg and Dave how she created the name Pickle Planet, and the importance of bringing a community together.
  • Jenna explains the meaning behind Project Nice List and how she spreads kindness and positivity during the Christmas season.
  • She also spoke about the kindness challenges that she has created through her social media platforms that challenges people to do a simple task each day for 30 days that creates a positive impact for people to enjoy during the holidays.
  • Listen in on this episode to hear Jenna Morton chat with Greg and Dave about how she plans to continuously spread kindness with Pickle Planet and Project Nice List.


  • Jenna Morton launched her platform Pickle Planet in 2016 in the Greater Moncton Area, with a mission to connect parents together.
  • She set out with a goal in mind to start up Project Nice List by cutting through the noise of Christmas and reconnect with simply spreading kindness through the season.
  • Jenna continuously strives to send positive vibes with her projects and strongly encourages collaborations through the holiday season.
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  • Greg and Dave interview Craig Kielburger, one of the Co-Founders of WE Day.
  • Greg and Dave bring special guests Kaiya Hemmings and Liam Vale onto the show to ask Craig Kielburger some questions about the WE Day event.
  • Craig talks about what inspired him to start WE Day and discussed how WE Day has grown into what it is, and how it is continuing to grow while making a positive impact on the world.
  • Listen in on this episode to hear Craig Kielburger further discuss to Greg, Dave, Liam and Kaiya about the amazing WE Day event and the difference it creates to make the world a better place.


  • Craig Kielburger alongside with his brother Marc Kielburger are the Co-Founders of WE Day, which is an organization for kids to help change the world with a positive impact.
  • They set out on a bold mission over 20 years ago to work with developing communities to free children and their families from poverty and exploitation. 
  • Craig and Marc have continued to create this positive impact for the world while expanding their vision to connect them with global issues and social causes, and partnering with schools to inspire young change-makers from within the classroom.
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Greg explains to Dave how he met Walter in West Bronx in New York at the  Andrew Friedman Home at a social venture event for entrepreneurs. .

Walter explains how important it is to help others with an incarcerated past and help them change their habits and embrace entrepreneurship. 

His business, Pen & Pistol, started as a leather craft company, founded by Ralphy Dominguez, who was formerly incarcerated and wanted to reinvent himself. He and his partner Ralphy did this by building a business from the leather craft skill Ralphy learned in prison. 


Walter Escobar, operates his business with his partner Ralphy Dominguez in West Bronx in New York. Ralphy left prison with nothing but a new skill and a powerful yearning for the dignity that comes from building a business. Today, Walter, Ralphy and team hand make minimal leather accessories like wallets, cardholders, bracelets, belts, etc. Their products are made from repurposed leather that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Their main mission is to hire former felons and inspire them to create a positive road for themselves.



Pen & Pistol - Lifestyle/Leatherworks


Email for Walter




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  • Greg and Dave interview Matt Webber, the voice of the introduction to The Boiling Point as well as the master of Post Production behind 150 episodes.
  • Greg met Matt in Halifax when both of them returned to the Maritimes, Matt let it be known that he was willing to work for free to learn about film so Greg took him in and made him his executive assistant for a year. They went together to MIPCOM and Real Screen. He also helped on the series Kardinal Sinners.
  • Matt talks about running a computer store, studied journalism and now operates a restaurant/pub outside Halifax called Edible Matters.
  • They laugh about the great time the three of them had producing 150 episodes.


Matt is Co-owner of Edible Matters with his father Ed in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia since 2012. He is also the famous former Producer of the Boiling Point Podcast for 150 episodes. He was a Co-owner of the Flying Cow, a restaurant publication started in 2006. Matt has also been a Licensed Real Estate agent since 2012. 

Matt received his bachelor of Journalism from the University of Kings College in 2014.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (English/Psychology) in 2006 from Saint Mary’s in Halifax. He also graduated from Atlantic Media Institute in 2004 with a Media Arts Diploma.


LinkedIn Matt Webber

Edible Matters’ Twitter

Edible Matters’ Facebook

Edible Matters’s Yelp

Edilbe Matters’ Tripadvisor

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  • Dana is a lifelong learner and radical doer with a passion for bridging the skills gap between education and industry.
  • He combined his interests in social entrepreneurship, education technology, and HR to set himself on a path to improve education and recruitment systems.
  • Dana launched Riipen, an online educational platform that enables schools to provide meaningful project-based experiential learning at scale.

This Episode:

  • A first on The Boiling Point, Dave and Greg used Facebook Live.
  • Their guest, Dana Stephenson from Vancouver, B.C., chats about his path to his current business.
  • Riipen is a company that is currently helping students access real world education for schools across America .
  • Dana speaks about how many schools are being added.
  • He also describes his transition from an entrepeneurship class in high school to building a company helping students.
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  • Guillaume explains to Dave and Greg about Pixelis, as well as B-Corp being innovative with experimenting, creating and trying new things,  creating a compelling message for large companies.
  • Guillaume talks about "Brands" being branding agencies and innovation labs and how he brings both strategies together.
  • He shares that the B-Corp movement is very new in France compared to the United States and how they are working with other B-Corps to try to create legal status in France.
  • Listen in on this episode of the Boiling Point to hear about Guillaume De Vesvrotte's experiences with Pixelis and B-Corps.
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