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Introducing Craig Ballantyne

There is truth to the power of attraction exposed by the movie,“The Secret” and previous Boiling Point guest Michael Losier. However, this week’s Boiling Point guest saysyou need to go one step further than just knowing what you want andattracting those who can help you achieve your goal. You must alsotake action.

Craig Ballantyne started his career as a personal trainer andfound success selling fitness information products through the web.Along the way, Craig started following a website called Early to Rise, which helpedpeople achieve their goals for health, wealth, and wisdom. Once hisbusiness was starting to take off, Craig decided that he would takethe plunge with a business coach. During their first session, thecoach asked what type of business would you like to have. Craig’sanswer was he wanted something like Early to Rise. After fiveyears, not only did Craig find a business “like” Early to Rise, he actually boughtthe company.

Check out this week’s Boiling Point on how to set and achievethe goals you want out of life.


In thisepisode                         

  • Craig fills us in on the journey to becoming the owner of Earlyto Rise.
  • He tells us how discussing goals with positive people cangalvanize them to take action for you.
  • He tells us why the law of attraction needs the added step ofaction and how that works.
  • Craig also tells us how he worked through crippling anxietyattacks through taking action.
  • Craig tells us his Five Pillars of Success and explains howthese steps can help anyone achieve their goals.
  • He lets us in on how he developed his five pillars from runningbody transformation contests and the common characteristics of hiswinners.
  • Greg is put through the five pillars of success in relation tohis goal to start meditating.
  • We go in-depth with the five pillars and what each reallymeans.
  • Craig also tells us how his inspiration for helping others cameat a young age.
  • He also has a tip for those entering business.
  • Dave is reminded of his days of a personal trainer and how hefinally understood what impactful motivation meant to those he wastraining.
  • Greg is thankful for the five pillars and Craig and how it madeit easier to take time out to meditate.



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