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Confronting the Elephant in the Room

Introducing Amy Rupert and The Integreship Group

Leaders of any stripe can often have a difficult job; a number of decisions they make can seriously affect others. What can be worse is when a situation arises that where your leadership intuition or your survival in business is at odds with your personal conscious or morality.

Amy Ruppert is one of the world’s most renowned business coaches. She started at a time when most people thought coaches were just for athletes, but in her career she has helped the profession grow by doing such things as help set up the International Coach Federation and set up one of the first coach training schools. About a year and a half ago, Amy realized that she was being put into a position by some corporate clients to help executives cope in toxic situations, but not helping leaders evolve. Amy’s solution was to collaborate on the book, “Who’s the Boss: Confront the Elephant in the Room”, as a model to follow when you find yourself in situation where you are conflicted by your business survival and personal ethics.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are balancing your leadership and your integrity, this is the Boiling Point Episode for you.


In this episode

  • Greg reflects on his time meeting Amy during the beginnings of Hemmings House.
  • Amy lets us in on her experience and history in the coaching industry.
  • She tells us about a coaching session where she decided, “I can’t do this anymore.”
  • Amy explains why she couldn’t let companies use her services to help executives cope in toxic situations and what needs to be done instead.
  • She explains what she means when she says that you cannot change what others do and think but you can choose how to respond to situations.
  • Amy explains how talking about “the elephant in the room” is similar to when talk shows started bringing on parents who admitted that occasionally they wish they could just throttle there kids.
  • Dave recalls a recent coaching session where a client mentioned that they were more stressed now than during two tours in Dessert Storm.
  • Amy discusses how the psychological concept of flight or flight works when you feel your career is threatened and what the results can be.
  • Dave recalls situations where Amy was able to listen to him and talk him “off the ledge”.
  • Greg acknowledges that we all need to realize that when people are at their “breaking points” there is a lot of biology happening behind the scenes.



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