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Introducing Dylan Berry and Smash Haus Music Group

One of the industries that have changed quite a bit over the last few decades is the music industry. No longer do we wait in lines at the local record store because for the most part all of these stores have disappeared. Now artists seem to emerge from the Internet to become huge stars and a computer program can replace entire orchestras.

One person who has seen the decline and reemergence of the industry is this week’s Boiling Point guest. Dylan Berry is the owner of Smash Haus Music Group and Filthy Fidgets and the host of Bompop TV, a radio/podcast program focusing on emerging artists. Dylan is an award winning music producer and entertainment entrepreneur whose work spans both artist production and media licensing. His work can be heard on many of your favorite television shows such as American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. He also does the musical branding for 20 major network channels. Dylan has built a 360-degree media and music production, licensing, and exposure value network in the Hollywood media and entertainment space using technology and community as a tool to create, deploy, and monetize music and media.

Check out this week’s episode of the Boiling Point to get a first hand look at how the music industry has changed and where it is going.


In this episode

  • We learn how Greg and Dylan first met up.
  • We learn about Dylan’s three different companies and how they interact in the industry.
  • We learn of the companies that Dylan has helped brand through their unique sound design.
  • We also learn a bit about the artists that have worked with Dylan.
  • Dylan also lets us in on Bompop, which is like a Boiling Point for the music scene.
  • Dylan gives us a breakdown of the destruction and rebuild of the music industry over the last number of years.
  • We learn the pros and cons of the music industry as it stands today.
  • Dylan tells us how it is easier to become a star today, but it is still difficult.
  • We also learn about the industry from the music content in media side.



- Dylan on IMDB

- Dylan on LinkedIn

- Dylan on Twitter

- Dylan on Facebook

- Smash Haus Website

- Filthy Fidgits Website

- Bompop TV Website

- Bompop on Twitter



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