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Introducing Jay Whitelaw and Givesome

We are all asked to give to charities and groups on a daily basis. Sometimes it is through adding a dollar to your supermarket total, or maybe a television commercial, or a girl scout at your front door. At the same time, many of us have become cynics when it comes to charitable giving because we don’t know where all the money is going and we often only hear from the charity or group when it comes time to give again. This cynicism has boiled over to a point where less Canadians are making charitable donations and giving less of their income according to 2014 Canadian Revenue Agency data. Today’s Boiling Point guest has taken notice of this dilemma and hacked the process of donating. 

Jay Whitelaw is the creator of Givesome, an app that changes the game for charitable donations in a few key ways. Firstly, there isn’t a question of how much of your money is going to a given charity; it’s 100%. Jay developed his system so that corporations and brands partner with him in order to pay for any operational costs in exchange for branding opportunities. This allows all funds given by person donators to go directly to the initiative they are supporting. The app also tackles another problem many fundraisers overlook, which is to show the direct impact of your donation. Givesome shows you exactly how your money was used through notifications of any project you financially support and gets funded. This way you can actually see the impact you are making with a small donation. 

Check out this week’s episode of the Boiling Point to see how you can be inspired to give.


In this episode

  • We meet Jay and get inspired by the way he is giving back.
  • Jay tells us why it is so much more meaningful to actually see our charitable dollars at work.
  • We hear a recent example of how Givesome works, and how an initiative was funded in less than 2 hours.
  • We hear how give a little and see the good works.
  • Jay tells us how he got brands and corporations to fund all operational costs so that your charitable funds aren’t “taxed”.
  • Jay tells us about an important piece he received that involved asking for “beatings”.
  • We hear how a chance meeting with a man from Namibia changed his life forever.
  • Jay explains how charitable giving without seeing the impact is like buying a Christmas gift for a kid and not being there when they open it up.
  • Greg appreciates how Givesome doesn’t put too much pressure on either donators or brands.
  • Dave like the practical applications of “taking beatings”.



- Givesome's Website

- Givesome at the App Store

- Givesome on Facebook

- Givesome on Twitter

- Givesome on Instagram

- Givesome on Vimeo

- Jay on Linked In


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