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Introducing Craig Norris and VideoBand Productions 

We have all heard about the doom and gloom in regards to the environment and climate change, but what would get us engaged to be a part of the solution? Many have tried to spur us into action or at least gain our attention (some more successfully than others). One way we can take any heavy subject more interesting is to convey the facts in the way of a story. So, what makes a story captivating? Today’s Boiling Point guest is showing us how to take big problems, break them into smaller problems, and turn them into an engaging story.

Craig Norris is a previous Boiling Point guest and is back with us this week to bring us up-to-date with what he has been up to. Since we last spoke to Craig, he and his company VideoBand Productions have been busy creating engaging stories that tackle real environmental problems. Craig’s “secret sauce” in creating intriguing content that is both entertaining and educational is fairly simple. He looks to tell a story where you find an interesting person in an interesting place doing something interesting. Using this formula in his recent film, Kokota: The Islet of Hope, Craig was honoured with three awards, including Best Short Film on Sustainability at the world’s largest eco film festival, The DC Environmental Film Festival.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how you could make your next story something truly great.


In this episode

  • We are reacquainted with Craig.
  • He tells us about his recent trip to Washington, DC and his win at the DCEFF.
  • Craig tells us the story behind, Kokota: The Islet of Hope as well as a few of his other great films.
  • There is a discussion about how to tackle huge problems by breaking them down into smaller problems to tackle and achieve a great deal.
  • We learn how a cross-cultural exchange between Canada and Pemba, Tanzania offered inspiration and information for both countries.
  • Craig breaks down how he is able to tell such great stories.
  • There is a discussion on how humor is a great way to leave a long-lasting impact on someone’s mind, even with dry or heavy material.
  • Craig tells us about a time before filmmaking when he was in a job that didn’t match his values and how he made a change.
  • We discuss how a lot of stress and unhappiness can emerge from having roles in businesses that don’t match our personal values.
  • Craig talks about how following your passion is not easy but worthwhile and how you might end up working harder, but sleeping better.
  • Greg is inspired by how Craig is able to do work in line with his values.
  • Dave loves how Greg and Craig don’t treat each other as competition but as colleagues and how Craig is able to break down what makes a great story.



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