The Boiling Point Podcast

Introducing Deborah:

·         Has worked for CBC as a journalist since Highschool.

·         After being a seasoned journalist for over 20 years, Deborah decided to form her own media company, Canteen Media. Which offers media training.

·         She is now a media consultant, veteran journalist, communicator, and an entrepreneur.

In this episode:

·         Wayne Jagoe guest hosts the Boiling Point for his third time.

·         Deborah talks about her amazing time working for CBC.

·         Dave shares his memories growing up always listening to the CBC, and how it formed who he is today, and how it always kept him informed.

·         Deborah fills us in about how Canteen offers media training as one of her services and how she went down that road in her career after being advised to do so by her sister.

·         Deborah talks about how an audience can instinctively tell how scripted a podcast or speech is and how an audience appreciates a more genuine message instead of an overly structured or contrived message.

·         Dave and Wayne share their post interview reflections with Deborah.

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