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Introducing Paul Campbell:

  • Paul is a former amateur hockey prospect who had high hopes to making into the big leagues until a tragic car accident on Christmas of 1987 left him in a coma for 51 days, due to this he could never really play hockey again.
  • He has since become a teacher whose motivation in life is inspiring others and making a positive impact in people’s lives.
  • After the death of his brother he was inspired to finally publish his book about his life, that being Goodnight Paul. The Journey to My NHL: Living the Dream.
  • His book has been read and endorsed by Chris Hatfield and Don Cherry.
  • Though Paul came close to death he considers himself to be the luckiest man alive.

In this episode:

  • Paul shares with us with his hilarious story about how he got here before this interview.
  • Paul shares his positive physical change since his coma in 1987.
  • Dave explains how he was introduced to Paul through Email and drawn in by Paul’s amazing story.
  • Paul shares how he started skating since he was 16 months old and grew up to be a very strong hockey player. How he led his high school and junior teams in scoring.
  • Paul tells Greg and Dave how he had a verbal agreement from the IHL’s Peoria Riverman the St.Louis Blues’ affiliate that he could tryout once he was finished playing university hockey.
  • Paul explains how he got into his car accident on Christmas night in 1987 and how he didn’t know he was in a coma for 51 days until he awoke in March of 1988.
  • Paul says that after his concussion he couldn’t skate very well, which devastated him because being a hockey player was his dream that he worked so hard to achieve.
  • Paul sadly tells the Boiling Point that he lost his best friend Frank in the car accident and that he thinks of Frank every day since then.
  • Paul shares his own “never give up philosophy” to inspire others.
  • Paul shares about his book Goodnight Paul. The Journey to My NHL: Living the Dream.
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