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  • Tammy is a professional pole dancer for the past 16 years of her life, travelling around the world to perform.
  • After starting as an exotic dancer she then moved into the fitness business to become a pole dancer and fitness instructor.
  • Over the course of her career she has won over 15 titles and awards associated with pole dancing.
  • Tammy takes pride in her passion, which she feels would be very useful to keep people healthy and exercised.
  • She now runs a business based on teaching the art of pole dancing.


In this Episode:

  • Wayne Jagoe fills in for Greg and hosts the show for the day.
  • Tammy talks about challenging the status quo’s opinion of pole dancing. She explains to Dave and Wayne how pole dancing is more of a fitness oriented activity, rather than what it is stereotyped as.
  • Tammy likes to explain how she always had an entrepreneurial spirit because she always liked to question things in life and do things for herself, it is through this philosophy that she decided to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle surrounded around pole dancing.
  • She explains how she opened her pole dancing business that taught people how to pole dance properly and how to use the art to maintain physical health like any other sport.
  • She talks about turning pole dancing into a serious and professional sport, and potentially to land the sport into the Olympic Games.
  • Wayne and Dave share their newly formed views of pole dancing after their impressions were changed by their guest Tammy.
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