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  • Greg and Dave interview Matt Webber, the voice of the introduction to The Boiling Point as well as the master of Post Production behind 150 episodes.
  • Greg met Matt in Halifax when both of them returned to the Maritimes, Matt let it be known that he was willing to work for free to learn about film so Greg took him in and made him his executive assistant for a year. They went together to MIPCOM and Real Screen. He also helped on the series Kardinal Sinners.
  • Matt talks about running a computer store, studied journalism and now operates a restaurant/pub outside Halifax called Edible Matters.
  • They laugh about the great time the three of them had producing 150 episodes.


Matt is Co-owner of Edible Matters with his father Ed in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia since 2012. He is also the famous former Producer of the Boiling Point Podcast for 150 episodes. He was a Co-owner of the Flying Cow, a restaurant publication started in 2006. Matt has also been a Licensed Real Estate agent since 2012. 

Matt received his bachelor of Journalism from the University of Kings College in 2014.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (English/Psychology) in 2006 from Saint Mary’s in Halifax. He also graduated from Atlantic Media Institute in 2004 with a Media Arts Diploma.


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