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  • Kevin's main project is Hyasynth Bio. A startup focused on opening up the potential of cannabis-derived medicine, by replacing plant growth with engineered microorganisms.
  • Kevin chats with Greg and Dave about his company, and explains the process of producing cannabinoids with yeast instead of growing plants, a manufacturing process which has been around sine the 1970's.
  • Kevin shares his experiences as an entrepreneur in this sector and how Hyasynth differentiates itself from other cannabis business in the industry.


  • Kevin Chen is the CEO and cofounder of Hyasynth, a company that is focused on producing cannabinoids, the active compounds in Cannabis, by using engineered yeast instead of growing plants.
  • With a background in biochemistry, he has switched into a business role at Hyasynth when he started the company in 2014.
  • He is passionate about all kinds of technology development, startups and also community development as a volunteer and director of his local makerspace. 
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