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Boiling Point - Episode 004 - Michael Losier

Introducing Michael Losier -

Have you ever felt like something fell in place at just the right time?  Have you experienced serendipity or coincidence?  Well you, sir/madam, have been experiencing evidence of the law of attraction.

Michael Losier is a best-selling author, speaker and trainer originally from New Brunswick, now living in British Columbia.  Michael started his journey after moving to BC and started a focus group on positive thinking out of his home.  Before long, he had close to 50 people coming to his home every Sunday.   One day, after talking with a motivational speaker, he was motivated to write his own book and become a speaker. 

He has now done talks in 33 countries.  His book, “Law of Attraction” has sold 1.8 million copies, and his second book, “Law of Connection”, has sold over 500,000 copies.  He has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey four times on her radio show and was even asked to host a radio show on Oprah’s radio station; all of this without ever actively eliciting business.

The law of attraction focuses on positive vibrations.  Simply said, having positive thoughts attract the things you want in life and negative thoughts do the opposite.  The law of attraction suggests that we use positive language, and to avoid negative language.   Michael suggests we avoid the words “no”, “not” and “don’t” as they only bring attention to the things we don’t want.  Imagine you typed “no football” into Google, what do you think would come up in your search results?


In this episode

Greg and Dave learn from Michael that the speed at which you will attract what you desire is equal to how much doubt you have.  Greg is reminded that optimism is the fuel of the engine of success.  Dave is reminded that we need to keep a check of the negative words and lies we tell ourselves.   Michael suggests that whenever we are thinking the words “no”, “don’t”, and “not” that we should ask ourselves, “So what do I want?”  Michael also reflects on perseverance and doing things because you have a passion for them and not for other people’s approval.


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Greg and Dave discuss with Susan regarding the importance of continuous risk taking by entrepreneurs and supporting both success and failure in business. Susan encourages successful companies in a comfort zone to continue to expand and take risks. They discuss how it is important for entrepreneurs to be bold and that success comes from being ambitious and passionate. Susan explains that big business leaders in New Brunswick don’t fit into a specific mold except that, in general, they know how to build teams for success and are optimists.

Susan highlights the importance for entrepreneurs to pass on the success of other business leaders in the region. Propelling good news stories of other businesses helps the whole community. Promoting others success also encourages others to promote your company and your successes.   We learn that optimism is an important ingredient to an entrepreneur and that ability to be optimistic and the wiliness to take risks are much easier when you have community support.

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Greg and Dave dive into the importance of teaching coding to kids and speak about their upcoming documentary project, Code Kids.  Dave gets the new nickname, “Cutlets”, to differentiate the Davids.  We learn the importance of teaching code to kids before grade five, and the need to “break the stigma” and get girls interested in coding.   “Cutlets” is inspired by the idea of educators as coaches.  Entrepreneurs and leaders making their communities a better place inspire Greg.

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Greg and Dave discuss with Kevin the importance of goal setting and sticking to the path to that goal. Kevin also discusses the difference between running an acquired company versus a start-up. Dave notices the differences between entrepreneurs. Some take very calculated risks, others are more action orientated, and some need to plan, plan, plan. Greg sees the link between entrepreneurs and artists; both like to start with a blank canvas to make a thing of beauty and both seek adventure and encounter risk.

The guys also discuss the importance of listening to your gut feelings and being willing to make mistakes. Finally, there is a discussion of how Atlantic Canada is a great incubator for entrepreneurial success. The region supports its’ own and has a history of being hardworking and resilient. There is sense of community in the Atlantic region unlike what you would find in larger cities. 

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