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Introducing Chris Durban

You might think of translators as quiet people who sit in dark rooms writing somewhat verbatim from one language to the other.  Some of the time this might be true, but not nearly as much as you would think.  Chris Durban flies in the face of this stereotype.  Chris is an unofficial voice for the industry and has been doing the job for over 30 years.

Translation is not nearly as dry as some would have you believe.  Which crisis situation erupt around the world, often a translator is brought in to do the job right.  Just think of the errors in context or understanding if you brought in the wrong translator in a hostage situation; the results could mean the difference of life or death. 

For those in business, translation is also crucial.  When you are speaking to your clients or customers, you don’t want them put off by a faulty computerized translation.  Also to, translation becomes so key when looking to enter new markets.  Translation can often be an afterthought for those in business, but it shouldn’t be and Chris will explain why in this week’s Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • Greg tells us how Chris and he met at Seth Godin’s Ruckus makers.
  • Chris tells us what the difference is between translators and interpreters.
  • We get a fuller understanding of why this industry is so key in business, politics, and in crisis situations.
  • We also hear how trust is so important in the work of a translator.
  • Chris tells us about her plan to get the news on translation out there in August.
  • We also hear about how a former press secretary for the President might have advised on an interpreter character in a popular TV show.
  • His preconceived notions of translators and how important of a job it is for communication and connection take Dave back.
  • Greg sees the industry as critical for businesses looking to go into new markets and how bad translation will produce bad results.



The American Translator's Association

French Translator's Association

The ATA's Getting it Right Pamphlet

Getting it Right in French

The Properous Translator

101 Things a Translator Needs to Know



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Introducing Jake Rothschild

An entrepreneur is always plotting the next move for their business and to take it to the next level.  It also takes persistence to get everything just right.  Jake Rothschild knows persistence was the key to his newest invention that will soon make a big impact for sweet lovers.  Jake is the owner at Jake’s Ice Cream in Atlanta, Georgia a business that makes over-the-top and delicious ice cream—an Atlanta institution.  After opening 15 years ago, many of his customers were looking for flavors they could enjoy that would fit the criteria of their health concerns.  There is nothing worse than craving a frosty treat and not being able to have any because of health concerns like diabetes, gluten or dairy intolerance, etc.  

Jake initially cringed at the thought of having to make “diet” versions of his product because his creams were supposed to be made with the “good stuff” and adding sweeteners would severely affect the taste.  However, Jake still tried, especially after being approached by a television-shopping network to make a flavor out of Splenda.  After doing some research, decided that do to some alleged potential health concerns with the product and an in-proper taste he abandoned the idea.  But Jake’s conscious kept eating at him and his persistence took off.  He tried honey as a sweetener (no good for diabetics), and then moved on to agave and soymilk (still no).

Finally after years of trying Jake had his “eureka” moment making his new brand Joyscream out of ingredients that are delicious, nutritious goodness from the earth…and better yet… it is sweetened with the healthiest sugars on the planet.  Learn how deliciousness and dedication came together on this week’s episode of the Boiling Point Podcast.


In this episode

  • Jake tells us how he had the thought of making “junk food” good for you.
  • Jake and Greg talk about meeting each other at a Seth Godin talk.
  • Jake explains you don’t need to be a food scientist to make such a product as him, just an avid googler.
    We hear how Willy Wonka inspired him.
  • We are reminded of the need to sometimes be vulnerable.
  • Jake tells us what is currently going on with Joyscream and what’s next.
  • Jake also has a challenge for Boiling Point Listeners.
  • Greg reminisces about all the crazy cool people he has met at conferences over the years.
  • Dave is inspired by Jake’s ability to be curious and his passion to push through



Jake's website

- Jake's Ice Cream website

Jake's email

Jake's Ice Cream Facebook

Jake's Ice Cream Twitter



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Introducing Matt White

It is always said that people should follow their passion when entering an entrepreneurial endeavor.  Of course, there are limitless things that someone could have a passion for and often the passion may not be typical.   Matt White is one of those people who took an unconventional passion and made a business out of it.  Matt is the founder of Sussex Beard Oil, a product that was developed out of his own need to manage his own facial hair.  He was having difficulty finding an all-natural product that didn’t result in dry skin or hair breaking.  Without being able to find the product he wanted, Matt decided he would make his own and was happily surprised with the result.  The oil eventually lead Matt to develop more products for the bearded person and now his items sell across Canada in stores, as well as internationally online. 

Matt believes that everyone has a beard, but some only internally.  Matt wanted his product to connect more deeply to its users.  In order to make this connection, the company’s motto is that every beard has a chin, every chin is connected to a man, and that every man has his victories, troubles, and turmoil.  Check out this week’s Boiling Point to get inspired to take your own unique idea to the next level.


In this episode

  • Matt tells us how his “manly side” led him to develop beard related products.
  • He also tells us what he had learned from previous entrepreneurial experiences that helped launch this product.
  • Matt tells us how living what he was exposing as a life coach helped in the creation of his products.
  • Greg asks for ideas on a beard-related television shows he could pitch with Matt.
  • There is discussion on how beards have become a cross-cultural phenomenon.
  • Matt suggests that there has never been a better time to become an entrepreneur with all of the resources at your fingertips.
  • Greg appreciates Matt’s path of finding his passion first and then figure out how to capitalize on it.
  • Dave notes Matt’s ability to live what he preaches and his ability to connect his product with the goodness in people’s lives.


Links and References

Sussex Beard Oil Website

Sussex Beard Oil on Twitter

Sussex Beard Oil on Facebook



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Introducing Derek Riedle

Sometimes every entrepreneur needs a change.  It could be just a change of scenery, or a shift in mindset.  Derek Riedle recently made a change that involved both.  Derek and his wife Terri are the owners of the marketing and PR firm, Revolution Strategy, as well as the content creative company Talons of Venice, and also under their portfolio is a real estate business called Riedle Urban Spaces. 

Derek and Terri had spent around 18 years working within and growing their businesses, but they were keen for a change.  The first step was for Derek to stop working within the business and to shift gears in order to work on the business.  This gave Derek the room to think and further develop the business.  It also gave him the idea that he wanted to develop a product that he could build and then sell multiple times.  Through the Talons of Venice and with our host, Greg Hemmings, Derek helped to develop a new television series “The Real Houses of…” using the freeing strategy he had used to further develop Revolution.  Derek and Terri took a further leap into their new lifestyle when they decided to pull up anchor and move to Venice Beach, California to further accomplish their goals.

This week’s episode is for anyone who had a vision for his or her future and may have not taken that great leap.  You can do it!


In this episode

  • Derek explains his reasoning to making the leap from the Maritimes to L.A.
  • He further explains how his connections in New Brunswick and Maritimer way have been great advantages in California.  He also tells us how leaving his area code offered him more perspective.
  • Derek explains the feeling of being mid-air between trapeze wires during his transition, and how being outside his comfort zone is his true comfort zone.
  • Greg and Derek reminisce about the creative session they had to come up with Real Houses.
  • Greg also tells the story of when his employees approached him to become less of a practitioner and more the visionary, and his thoughts at the time.
  • Greg and Derek also tell us more about the series
  • Derek also alludes to a future start-up, which will be announced on the Boiling Point.
  • Dave appreciates Derek’s ability to work outside his comfort zone, and is reminded that everyone needs to realize what it takes to get his or her creative juices flowing.
  • Greg is reminded that having the ability to step away slightly from the business allows brilliant things to happen with the right team.



Derek's Twitter

Derek's Linked In

Derek's Facebook

Revolution Strategy Website

Revolution Strategy Twitter

Talons of Venice Website

Talons of Venice Twitter

Riedle Urban Spaces Website








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