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Happy Birthday to the Boiling Point Podcast

That’s right we made it to our first anniversary.  We have had so many amazing guests, insights, and opinions from which we have learned so much (and we hope you did to).  In this episode, Greg and Dave reminisce over the past year of podcasts and set the stage for the year to come.

As always we thank you for tuning in and we promise you another year that will be worth remembering.


In this episode

  • Greg and Dave reflect on their favorite episodes and the nuggets of information that they internalized the most.
  • Both agree that the most memorable episodes where from the guests that just “dripped” with passion.
  • Dave and Greg agree that moving forward the episodes will be theme based but will still have excellent guests.
  • Greg and Dave talk about some of the books they have read/listened to over the last year.
  • Greg appreciates the time that the podcast gives him with Greg and the discipline having the show has given him.
  • Greg also loves the show is making an impact and his helping people connect and be more empathic.
  • Dave loves the way that the podcast has increased his conversation skills and how the podcast is resonating with so many.
  • Dave and Greg also preview the first episodes of our next year.



The episodes Dave and Greg love

- Dino Dogan

JaNae Duane

Chris Hadfield

David Alston

The books Dave and Greg having been "reading

Johnny Carson by Henry Bushkin

Belushi: A Biography by Judith Belushi Pisano & Tanner Colby

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull & Amy Wallace

Good to Great by Jim Collins

The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey


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