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The Badge of Awesome


Introducing Josh Martin 

Sometimes the knocks that life throws at us are the pivot point to a better way. Josh Martin knows all about this. At 27 years old, Josh was diagnosed with leukemia and given a 50/50 chance at survival. One of the first nights in hospital for his chemo treatments, Josh started to compile a list—his reasons to fight. The list was a combination of items that made his life awesome and the stream of consciousness quickly developed into 118 items.

The experience with cancer also ignited Josh’s aspirations. He wanted to chase his dreams and do what he was passionate about. To Josh, this was story telling. He left his job as a project coordinator with an international development organization to chase his dream, become an entrepreneur, and write. Now Josh is also a motivational speaker and the creator of Badge of

Take the time to listen to this week’s episode of the Boiling Point to be inspired to take your next step toward the person YOU want to be.


In this episode

  •  Dave tells us how he came across Josh by chance.
  • Josh tells us about Badge of Awesome and the type of humorous and advice content it has.
  • Josh tells us about his “wake-up call” from cancer and how it inspired him to follow his passions.
  • Greg mentions how many of his friends are also in “early mid-life crisis” mode.
  • Josh offers us a great thought from Martin Luther King Jr. about taking the first step.
  • He also reminds us that we don’t need to have a “near death” experience to make positive changes in our life.
  • Josh tells us that we should all take time and space to reflect and gives hints for building a tribe.
  • He also tells us about his simple treasures project.
  • Dave reflects on how certain experiences drive change and how the bumps in the road in life can be made into something positive.
  • Greg echoes that crisis can allow for amazing changes and that you don’t need to know your destination but just have to take the first step.



- The Badge of Awesome Website

- Badge of Awesome on Twitter

- Badge of Awesome on Facebook

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B Corp Adventure


Introducing Nora Livingstone

What do you do when you have a thirst for travel and adventure, as well as a heart for the welfare of animals? You start a business. At least that is what Nora Livingstone did. 

Back in 2012, Nora was approached by her veterinarian friend about starting a business that would link ethical animal groups around the world to people interested in lending a helping hand. Nora jumped at this opportunity despite a lack of experience in business because it fulfilled her lust for adventure and altruism.

Together they founded Animal Experience International. Their goal was to be asked by organizations helping animals around the world to find helping hands, and the way to gather people was by building trust. One great way to establishing trust was a B Corp designation on their business that would prove they are ethical and they are truly helping the animals and the communities surrounding them.

Nora’s top tip for new entrepreneurs is the power of “the ask”. There are so many people that are willing and able to lend assistance if you just open the doors to your world. This philosophy has allowed Nora to have a confidence that if she doesn’t know the answer to problem, that through her network she will eventually figure everything out.


In this episode

  • Nora tells us about just a few of the experiences she has had around the world helping countless types of animals.
  • Nora tells us the importance of knowing whether your volun-tourism operator is ethical and justice-focused.
  • We hear how becoming a B Corp has given Animal Experience International increased credibility with its customers.
  • Dave recounts an unfortunate snake farm tour.
  • We learn that AEI’s customers range from youth to the elderly.
  • Nora explains how adventure leads to the coolest opportunities.
  • She also tells us about the power of “the ask” and what it has meant for her and her company’s growth.
  • Greg appreciates Nora’s adventurous spirit and suggests that entrepreneurs treat their business with the same enthusiasm.
  • Dave likes the confidence Nora gains from admitting when she doesn’t know something, but is going to figure it out.



- Animal Experience International's website

- Animal Experience International's Twitter

- Animal Experience International's Facebook

- Animal Experience International's Instagram

- Nora's Twitter

- B Corp Website

- Hemmings Houses' "Melting Lands"

Melting Lands from Hemmings House on Vimeo.


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Reengineering your Passion


Introducing Greg Faxon

There are many people out there that need some help reorganizing their lives and businesses. Some people are in an unfulfilling job, and others are in the midst of a startup and need guidance. Even seasoned entrepreneurs need a kick-start from time to time to reengineer their business to work for their needs. A great way to navigate the path of where you are to where you want to be is to invest in a coach.

Greg Faxon is an executive coach who experienced a lot of dissatisfaction at his previous job. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a great job; he was working in market research and consulting around the world. Greg knew that he was a long way from the boardroom and some parts of his job just made him feel brain dead. He decided to make a change for the better by hiring his own personal coach, which eventually led him down the path of opening up his own coaching business. Now, Greg finds himself helping the very same type of people that he was like not too long ago.

Check out this week’s episode of Boiling Point to get the scoop on coaching and lessons on how you can take the next step toward your own personal gratification.


In this episode

  • Greg Hemmings tells us how he met and got to know the other Greg.
  • Greg Faxon tells us his origin story of what made him go into coaching.
  • Greg goes on to tell us how he was inspired while jogging through the zoo and the parallels he saw between himself and the wolves.
  • He tells us how hiring his own coach expedited his personal journey, uncovered hidden fears, and set him on a path toward success.
  • We learn why coaching is a better way to go than just reading a book or taking a seminar in personal development.
  • Greg tells us about his B.R.A.V.E. Business Framework.
  • We learn how our host, Greg’s favorite part of the coaching experience was the accountability it provided.
  • We also learn what this accountability means and that it isn’t just a “homework buddy”.
  • We also hear how Greg got an important message on bravery from Seth Godin.
  • Dave likes Greg’s cerebral approach and his ability to educate quickly so that people can understand what they are consuming.
  • Greg Hemmings appreciates that though accountability was his favorite part of the coach relationship that it must be the type of accountability that eliminates co-dependence. 



- Greg's Website

- Greg's Facebook

- Greg's Twitter

- Greg's YouTube

- Seth Godin's Website


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