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Time to THNK


Introducing Sarah Dickinson and The THNK School of Creative Leadership

We live in an era of new challenges where antiquated leadership and business models will not produce the solutions we all seek. The leaders of the next generation still need to be smart and thoughtful, but they also need to pull back on their ego and be creative solution finders. Sarah Dickinson is one of these new creative leaders. Sarah spent most of her working career in the digital communication and marketing world. The job left her wanting more as often the fruits of her labour were often months after she completed her work and she often felt removed from their human impacts. Her life was forever changed when she was offered the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam and partake in a new program called The THNK school of Creative Leadership. The experience changed her life and prompted her to bring THNK across the ocean to Vancouver where she is now the co-founder and executive director of THNK’s Vancouver location. To hear more about THNK and how it can help the idea you are incubating or the business you are trying to scale, check out this week’s episode of the Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • Future podcaster Jessie audits a BP session to learn from Dave and Greg.
  • We hear what prompted Sarah to go to Amsterdam and why she thought it was a program that Canada needed.
  • She tells us why she believes for a period of time Canada was “resting on its laurels” and how programs like THNK’s can change the trend.
  • We hear how she was taken out of her comfort-zone during the first day of THNK in Amsterdam and how it set the tone for battling humanity’s challenges.
  • Sarah tells us why the “I” was dropped from THNK’s name and how it relates to the future of leadership.
  • Sarah tells us that the ideal THNK candidate is a committed and active entrepreneur or intrepreneur that is incubating or scaling a venture that will have a positive social impact.
  • Jessie is interested in the notion that in the past decade Canada wasn’t living up to its identity and is impressed with how the podcast conversation would feel just as appropriate in a coffee shop.
  • Greg notes the importance of programs like THNK because people are not learning this stuff in school and often not in their business lives either.
  • Dave likes the idea of THNK building resiliency in their patrons so that they can make an even bigger impact on the world.



- THNK Vancouver

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The More you Hear


Introducing Mark Wood and Ocean Sonics

It is amazing what you can hear when you make the effort to listen… especially under the water. One person that knows all about this is Mark Wood from Ocean Sonics. Mark’s company develops highly specialized underwater microphones (called hydrophones), which are used by scientist, researchers, sea construction companies, and others to record exactly what is being heard below the ocean surface. What makes Ocean Sonics hydrophones unique to others in the market is not only do they record sound, but they also process data and can be used as a webserver to trigger alerts. This technology would enhance the ability for researchers to study animal behavior, protect wildlife from things such as oil spills, and help with compliance issues as it relates to underwater noise pollution. To hear all about Mark and Ocean Sonics tune into this weeks Boiling Point.


In this episode


  • Mark tells all about Ocean Sonics and the hydrophones they make.
  • We hear about the amazing things this technology will allow researchers and scientists to do and why it is important.
  • Mark also lets us know why his technology is better than others in the market including the ability to see sounds that otherwise couldn’t be heard by human ears.
  • Mark tells us how a concept like 3D audio could help eventually save whales from an oil spill.
  • We hear about the growth of Ocean Sonics and where the future is leading.
  • Dave is surprised by Greg’s knowledge of microphones and how little he knew about things like noise pollution and the world of underwater recording.
  • Greg thinks it is cool to hear about examples of businesses that are doing well and innovating, but for the right reasons.



- Ocean Sonics Website

- Ocean Sonics on Twitter

- Ocean Sonics on Linked In

- DOSITS (Discovery of Sound in the Sea)

- Whale Music (Film)

- Whale Music by the Rheostatics



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Empathy for the Digital Age


Introducing Kevan Gilbert

Kevan Gilbert is a man who believes that collaboration is the best way to complete any task. This award winning digital story teller and strategist realized very early in his work in agencies that teamwork and listening accomplishes a lot more than driving a singular framework down a team’s throat. After many attempts at mastering persuasion, Kevan realized that he needed to stop trying to persuade and start listening. This is a message he expands on in his future book, “Empathy for the Digital Age”. Check out this week’s Boiling Point to see how a collaborative approach to your next task may have your team working better and faster.


In this episode

  • Kevan expands on his bio including being an award-winning poet at the age of eight years old.
  • We learn why he decided to start listening and stop persuading.
  • Kevan lets us know the power of empathy in completing any important task.
  • Greg tells us why he believes he is more of a story “amplifier” than a story “teller”.
  • We learn the importance of not working from a perspective of fear and anger and instead stating clearly what your needs are.
  • Kevan tells us an experience he had with a client that changed his perspective after allowing himself to be vulnerable.
  • Dave remembers a time when he was told he had to be tough to get into business; a sentiment he doesn’t feel is true.
  • Greg reminds us that if our customers are going to spend a lot of money with us they really want to know whom they are getting into business with.



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True Masculinity through Responsibility


Introducing Andrew Park and Urbane & Gallant

Andrew Park is a man who likes to ponder the true meaning of masculinity. If you look at most representations of masculinity in pop culture three themes seem to arise: beer, sex, and sports. There is more to a man isn’t there? Andrew definitely believes so. He sees the defining characteristic of masculinity being responsibility. Andrew expands on this theory with his B Corp menswear company Urbane & Gallant, which not only makes clothes to make you feel like a man but also inspire you to be a better person. Check out this week’s Boiling Point to see how your next suit could help tackle the issue of human trafficking.


In this episode

  • Andrew tells us how soul searching the essence of masculinity while attending USC helped him develop an idea for Urbane & Gallant.
  • Andrew goes on to tell us why he believes responsibility is main component of manhood.
  • He explains that when you have a great brand your customer’s “sticker-shock” seems to fade.
  • He tells why every item designed for Urbane & Gallant is named after an inspiring man.
  • We hear how women are finding the responsible man sexy.
  • Andrew tells us that to have a great company you need to be excellent in three areas.
  • Dave loves Andrews’s passion and mission and is drawn to the company as something to support.
  • Greg suggests you check out the documentary, “Slaves of Dubai” on VICE.



- Urbane & Gallant Website

- Andrew on Linked In

- Andrew on Twitter

- Urbane & Gallant on Twitter

- VICE's Slaves of Dubai

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