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Making it Big in a Smaller Market


Introducing James Mullinger

There is truth to the idiom of the big fish in a small pond as this week’s Boiling Point guest can attest. James Mullinger was on of the UK’s hardest working stand up comedians before moving to Saint John, New Brunswick to pursue a greater quality of life. James conceded at the time that the move could probably call an end to his stand up career, as New Brunswick wasn’t a known Mecca for people in the funny business. However, with a passion for his craft and massive determination, James has been able to become one of the hottest comedians on the Canadian scene. In fact, now he has the opportunity that seemed so distant on the other side of the pond, headlining a stadium show.

James credits his Canadian success to a few of different factors. First was his choice of city. Saint John has had an emergence in the last number of years. Unlike New York or London where many would believe life was better 10 years ago, most Saint Johners say that things seem to get better every year. Secondly, James refused to give up. He took every opportunity to perform that was afforded to him because his fiery desire to be like his idols. Though he was given opportunities in the past, like hosting ‘Movie Kingdom’ a funny film review show featuring such stars as Robin Williams, and Jerry Seinfeld, he didn’t want to talk with his idols he wanted to BE THEM.

This episode of the Boiling Point is for anyone looking to be inspired to be bold and pursue his or her dreams no matter where you are.


In this episode

  • James shares his excitement over his stadium show at Harbour Station on Thursday, April 28th. Tickets are still available HERE.
  • James also introduces us to his “sidekick”, show-stealer, and son Hunter
  • James also tells us about a project he is doing with our own Greg Hemmings, “City on Fire” set to air on CBC later this year that is all about Saint John.
  • James discusses the fallacy that just because you are doing well in a small area, everyone must know who you are.
  • James discusses why you can make a “big splash” in a small city and seemingly go unnoticed in the big centers.
  • Dave links the parallels to his own journey and James’ as a “come-from-away”
  • James tells us where his boundless energy comes from.
  • He also tells us about his journey as a shy child to an outgoing performer.
  • Dave suggests that James story is a great lesson for any entrepreneur to be bold.
  • James also talks about how he was unfulfilled from his job on ‘Movie Kingdom’ as he didn’t want to talk to comedians and celebrities but he wanted to be them.
  • We also hear a joke written by our host Greg as performed by James.



- James on Twitter

- James on Facebook

- James' Website

- Tickets to James' Harbour Station Show

- James on Wikipedia

- Movie Kingdom

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Beginning Your Triple Bottom Line Journey


Introducing Mike Rowlands and Junxion Strategy

How can your company become a leader in the future of business? How can you take my established company and make it better for the world? The Boiling Point has featured a number of triple bottom line companies in the last number of months leaving a number of our listeners wondering how they can take the first steps toward becoming a company seeking to promote planet, people, and profit. One way is to contact someone like Mike Rowlands from Junxion Strategy. Mike has been assisting mission-driven entrepreneurs and organizations for over a decade by crafting unique strategies.

Check out this week’s episode to see how your new or established company can start making measurable social and environmental impact.


In this episode


  • Kristy O’Leary sets us up with Mike, calling it a bro-mance in the making.
  • We hear about the work that Junxion has been doing for clients for 20 years.
  • Mike discusses the type of people and businesses that approach him to help their sustainability efforts.
  • Mike speaks about combining the drive of business and the community collaboration and empathy of the social sector.
  • He discusses the frustration experienced by heritage businesses in developing a “new type of business”.
  • He also notes that the millennial generation is looking to work in companies that do not force them to separate their world beliefs from their scope of work in the world.
  • We talk about work that is happening with large organizations such as ADIDAS.
  • We also talk about one of the greatest B corp companies, Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Mike notes that large organizations are taking note of triple bottom line because of employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.
  • He also notes that by not listening to outside stakeholders large organizations are missing a great opportunity.
  • Mike also asks us to think, “What does it mean to live a good life” and, more importantly, “How can I use my business to live the good life?”
  • Greg appreciates knowing that there are so many global “movers and shakers” to bring understanding to the concept of using business for positive change.
  • Dave reflects on the notion of using business to live the great life and it helps him answer the question that can creep into any entrepreneur’s head, “Why am I doing this?”



- Mike on Twitter

- Mike on LinkedIn

- Mike on Facebook

- Junxion on Twitter

- Junxion on Facebook

- Junxion Website 

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Time to SRED

Ron Dorombozi

Introducing Ron Dorombozi and RD3 Inc.

Ron Dorombozi is a thought leader in the ever-developing landscape of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED). This program is the Canada Revenue Agencies (CRA) premier tool to foster innovation in businesses of all sizes for work preformed in Canada. This successful SR&ED consultant has pieced together an all-star team within his company (RD3 INC) that are highly successful in developing unique solutions meeting the individual needs of companies. RD3 INC and Mr. Dorombozi’s related companies provide project management, SR&ED and product development services capitalizing on the breadth of knowledge from the multi-disciplinary backgrounds of the front line staff. 

The RD3 philosophy is to develop a sustainable, specialized documentation solution for each company that they work with. The information collected should not be onerous and should provide other value to the company. RD3 staff provides fresh ideas in some cases, ported from other industries, to help client’s progress and be successful in their endeavors. Knowledge is power; call today for a free 5-minute consultation on your projects.

Check out this week’s Boiling Point to see how the SR&ED program can help fund the innovation of your company.


In this episode

  • Ron discusses his history and how he entered the field of SR&ED.
    - We learn briefly about what the SR&ED program is and how it works.
    - Dave describes a project with SR&ED potential that Vision Coaching is currently undertaking.
    - Ron and Dave discuss how certain "pockets" or area of the work might be SR&ED eligible.
    - Ron explains the free SR&ED related services offered by the CRA and how they work.
    - Greg comments on how it is not common for a SR&ED consultant to write a book.
    - Ron explains how the book was designed to fill in the gaps left in the free CRA services.
    - We discuss how thousands of businesses might be missing an opportunity to apply for SR&ED.
  • Dave notes that it is nice to know there is people out there really committed to helping people navigate SR&ED.
  • Greg concedes that he is in a business that typically wouldn’t qualify for SR&ED but thinks there may be processes that his team is working on that could be SRED-able.



- RD3 Website

- SRED Tutorial 


- Email Ron

- Ron on Linked In

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The Importance of Choosing Your Words


Introducing Deb Hatcher and A to Z Wineworks and REX HILL

The English language is a beautiful thing, full of flexibility and choice.  However, often we don’t truly think about the words we choose in everyday conversation and the result can often send a message or convey a tone we didn’t intend.  Many of our words have been turned into “double-speak” meaning language that disguises or distorts our true meanings.  A great example is the word “downsizing” instead of using a word like layoffs.  Then you consider militaristic, mechanical, or sporting terms that have been corrupted and put into regular language, including a B Corp favorite, “impact”.

Deb has a beautiful worldview on the language of business and she suggests we should be more thoughtful with our choice of words.  Deb is the founder of A to Z Wineworks, the largest producer of high quality pinot noir in the Pacific Northwest.  Deb's sense of wonder and humor bring playfulness to A to Z but her expectation of excellence is most influential.  Deb is serious about the words used in business and how it can affect company culture and how we relate to one another.

Check out this week’s Boiling Point to see how you can enhance your communication and say what you truly mean.


In this episode

  • Greg mentions his daughters love of hearts and promotes her YouTube channel.
  • We hear about how Greg and Deb met at the B Corp Champions Retreat.
  • Deb discusses the importance of choosing the right words for all of your interactions.
  • We discuss how language is one of the best ways to change the world as an individual.
  • Deb suggests that we have allowed militaristic language about power and winning to become the majority of metaphors we use in daily language.
  • We discuss words like “feedback”, “downsizing”, and “impact”.
  • We discuss how George Orwell’s “double-speak” is happening in our real lives.
  • Deb discusses the what, how, and why in business and why thinking of them is important.
  • Dave sees the importance of choosing his words carefully and the power of language noting that athletes can be the worst for answers with no thought.
  • Greg appreciates the challenge of using the correct language.



- Deb on Linked In

- Deb on Twitter

- A to Z Wineworks website

- A to Z Wineworks on Linked In

- A to Z Wineworks on Twitter

- A to Z and REX HILL on Facebook

- REX HILL on Twitter

- Geoffery Nunberg's Going Nucular

- Kaiya Hemming's "Heart Fun"



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