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Cooperative Banking


Reintroducing Richard Vaillancourt and Omista 

No customer likes to be treated like a number, but no doubt you have experienced a lack of personal service if you have a relationship with many large organizations. It is impersonal with low interaction, often you are left on hold for a number of minutes if you called in, and sometimes the experience is down right unfriendly. If the previous examples sound familiar and it relates to your bank, perhaps you should give a credit union a try. 

Richard Vaillancourt is the CEO of Omista Credit Union in New Brunswick, which manages assets of over $300 million. What sets places like Omista apart from your traditional chartered bank is a focus on community. In fact, Omista keeps all of its activities local and New Brunswick based. Omista’s commitment to community has gone even further by subscribing to a triple bottom line by becoming a B Corp. When you consider that Omista offers a carbon copy of the services offered by traditional banks it makes sense to switch to a financial institution built on a cooperative spirit.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how the credit union approach could help you and your financial needs.


In this episode

  • We learn what led Richard from a life of working with the traditional banks to start with credit unions.
  • Richard tells us about Omista and what sets it apart.
  • We learn what led Omista become a B Corp company.
  • Richard tells us it what it means to invest in your community and the themes that guide his credit union.
  • We learn what Omista learned by doing the B Corp assessment and how it steered them toward further changes.
  • Richard tells us about the efforts he and his employees have made in their community.
  • We ask why more people haven’t made the switch to a credit union.
  • There is a discussion about the “psychological contract” between employees and their employers.
  • Dave would like to see more financial institutions run by those in human resource backgrounds.
  • Greg considers switching to Omista because of the B Corp “fraternity”.



- Omista's Website

- Omista on Facebook

- Omista on Twitter

- B Corporation Website

- Omista's B Corp Listing

- Richard on LinkedIn



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Resiliency Rewarded


Reintroducing Shawn Smith and Gene Fowler

It has been said that nothing worth doing is easy. Resiliency is an important component of an entrepreneur’s toolkit but it also one of the hardest to maintain. Two former guests that have been able to show resilience in the face of adversity are back with us today to show where their patience and hard work have got them.

Shawn Smith, the founder of Don’t Dis My Ability and Gene Fowler, the founder of Loogaroo Animation and Games struck up quite the friendship not so long ago that ended up helping both of them. For Shawn, Gene’s mentorship and guidance helped him through the start up of his business. In turn, Shawn set up coaching at Gene’s business.

Both men found difficulties navigating their businesses, but have found greener pastures due to their resilience. Shawn has recently been nominated for the Start Up Canada Resilient Entrepreneur Award being presented later this month. While Gene has rebuilt his company from bankruptcy to become the Miramichi Entrepreneur of the Year.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see where resiliency and mentorship could take you or someone else you know.


In this episode

  • We reconnect with Gene and Shawn.
  • We catch Gene as he celebrates his 40th
  • Shawn tells us what Gene’s mentorship meant to him and how finding someone who believes in you is so crucial
  • Shawn tells us of the great advancements his company has made since he was last on the Boiling Point including being nominated for a prestigious award.
  • Greg remembers a time when he was talking with Gene and Gene mentioned that if Greg was in need of assistance to “send out the bat light” and he’d be there.
  • Gene believes in mentoring because he wishes he had the same opportunity when he first started out.
  • Greg notes that it takes time in order to be a mentor but without mentorship many wouldn’t be in the position they are in today.
  • We learn why Shawn ended up thanking those who didn’t believe in him.
  • We congratulate Gene on his entrepreneur of the year award.
  • Gene tells us why he didn’t bail out of bankruptcy and that he was going to pivot and succeed whether others believed in him or not.
  • Gene tells us to stop listening to detractors or focusing in on your competition, but instead to be good at what you do and don’t look up. 



- Gene's previous Boiling Point interview

- Shawn's previous Boiling Point interview

- Loogaroo's website

- Don't Dis My Ability's website

- Don't Dis My Ability on Facebook

- Don't Dis My Ability on Twitter

- Loogaroo on Facebook

- Loogaroo on Twitter



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Get Moving


Introducing Matt Forgie and Forfitness & Athletics

Most of us have had that ache in the lower back and many come to the realization that it is probably time to see the chiropractor for a “crack”. However, maybe taking this reactionary stance to pain is the wrong approach. Instead, the better option could be to be proactive and to start moving well. If this is the case, then maybe Matt Forgie is the chiropractor and strength coach for you.

After completing, a degree in organic chemistry and then another degree as a biologist, Matt decided that he wanted a job where he could interact with people on a daily basis. He decided to follow the path of both of his parents to become a chiropractor. However, what makes Matt’s practice different then your typical chiropractor is that he takes a movement based approach that focuses on making your body function is better ways. In the same way we brush our teeth to avoid having to see the dentist more often, Matt’s exercise based approach gets you moving to avoid painful injuries. Matt recently built a gymnasium to do just this in Rothesay, New Brunswick and now works with a diverse group of patients from the elderly to children, and from Olympic athletes to those suffering from paralysis.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see what the new model for physical health can do for you.


In this episode

  • Greg and Dave talk about City on Fire and the reactions they have heard about it.
  • We meet Matt and learn how he went from studying organic chemistry to becoming a chiropractor and strength coach.
  • We learn why it is so important to learn how to move well.
  • Matt tells us how Forfitness & Athletics changes the game in his industry.
  • Matt tells us how his mentors from around the world impact they way he practices.
  • We hear why the movement-based approach is similar to brushing our teeth for dental health.
  • Greg gets instruction on how to take care of his back when travelling so often.
  • We learn about how Matt’s business model encapsulates both fitness and healing.
  • There is a discussion on the limitation that we put on ourselves and how our fear impacts our fitness.
  • Matt tells us that the mantra of “No Pain, No Gain” is no good.



- Matt on Facebook

- Forfitness & Athletics Facebook

- Forfitness & Athletics Website

- Forfitness & Athletics on Twitter 

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Change in Tempo


Introducing Dylan Berry and Smash Haus Music Group

One of the industries that have changed quite a bit over the last few decades is the music industry. No longer do we wait in lines at the local record store because for the most part all of these stores have disappeared. Now artists seem to emerge from the Internet to become huge stars and a computer program can replace entire orchestras.

One person who has seen the decline and reemergence of the industry is this week’s Boiling Point guest. Dylan Berry is the owner of Smash Haus Music Group and Filthy Fidgets and the host of Bompop TV, a radio/podcast program focusing on emerging artists. Dylan is an award winning music producer and entertainment entrepreneur whose work spans both artist production and media licensing. His work can be heard on many of your favorite television shows such as American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. He also does the musical branding for 20 major network channels. Dylan has built a 360-degree media and music production, licensing, and exposure value network in the Hollywood media and entertainment space using technology and community as a tool to create, deploy, and monetize music and media.

Check out this week’s episode of the Boiling Point to get a first hand look at how the music industry has changed and where it is going.


In this episode

  • We learn how Greg and Dylan first met up.
  • We learn about Dylan’s three different companies and how they interact in the industry.
  • We learn of the companies that Dylan has helped brand through their unique sound design.
  • We also learn a bit about the artists that have worked with Dylan.
  • Dylan also lets us in on Bompop, which is like a Boiling Point for the music scene.
  • Dylan gives us a breakdown of the destruction and rebuild of the music industry over the last number of years.
  • We learn the pros and cons of the music industry as it stands today.
  • Dylan tells us how it is easier to become a star today, but it is still difficult.
  • We also learn about the industry from the music content in media side.



- Dylan on IMDB

- Dylan on LinkedIn

- Dylan on Twitter

- Dylan on Facebook

- Smash Haus Website

- Filthy Fidgits Website

- Bompop TV Website

- Bompop on Twitter



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