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Disabling Bias


Introducing Dr. Leeno Karumanchery, Diversity Solutions, and Enkidu

There is something terrible that we all have inside us that are difficult to remove unless it is brought into the light of day. It can affect how we perceive other people and can negatively affect our decision-making. The thing I am speaking of is our unconscious bias and today’s Boiling Point guest is seeking to eliminate it from our organizations.

Dr. Leeno Karumanchery is a sociologist with 25 years of experience in the field of diversity and inclusion. He is recognized as one of North America’s preeminent emotional intelligence and diversity experts and is the creator of Diversity Intelligence training as well as the executive vice president of training and content development at Enkidu. Enkidu is a consultancy company that helps organizations identify their talent, hire more people like them, keep them, and promote them through the examination of emotional intelligence.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how emotional and diversity intelligence could help you and your organization.


In this episode

  • A coffee soaked Greg is back with Stephen Kopp filling in for Dave.
  • We are introduced to Leeno and Enkidu.
  • Leeno lets us in on the correct pronunciation of Enkidu, what the name means, and how it relates to the company’s goals.
  • Leeno tells us how Enkidu uses data analytics to drive unconscious bias out of organizations.
  • We learn about emotional intelligence and how it is a better predictor of success than IQ or skill set.
  • Leeno tells us the four components of EQ and tell us why EQ makes better leaders.
  • Leeno uses Greg’s Honda Accord as an example of diversity intelligence.
  • We hear some examples of insidious unconscious bias and how our unconscious bias bleeds through organizations.
  • Leeno discusses how we see ourselves by our intent, but other see us through our impact and relates this to rude people and micro-managers.
  • We also hear an analogy of Leeno’s brother and why we sometimes do not see women and diversity in positions of leadership.
  • Greg appreciates how Leeno and Enkidu are able to hack the major problem of our assumptions and bias.
  • We also hear a story of how Greg takes out the garbage.



- Leeno on Twitter

- Enkidu360 Website

- Diversity Solutions Website

- Leeno on Linked In


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Diaper Different


Introducing Jason Graham-Nye and gDiapers 

We all have met (or have been) that first time parent who goes above-and-beyond to do and be the very best for their new bundle of joy; They feed the best food, give all the proper brain stimulation, and give all the love a little one could ask for. However, many of these same people will draw the line when it comes to the choice of whether to use cloth or disposable diapers. One option seems time consuming and gross and the other option can be equally gross and bad for the environment. Luckily, today’s Boiling Point guest has a better option, which takes the positives of both previous choices and removes the downside.

Jason Graham-Nye is the president and co-founder of gDiapers. Around 15 year ago, Jason and his wife were about to have their first child and realized that as parents they would be leaving this planet to the next generation. It has been said that it takes a diaper 500 years to biodegrade, that there is the equivalent to a cup of oil in each diaper, and 50 million disposable diapers are used every day in the United States. Jason and his wife decided to try a product they found from Tasmania and after being customers they bought the rights to sell it in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Today, gDiapers is a B Corp company that continues to innovate and make a real impact with every newborn they touch.

Check out this week’s episode to see a great example of a triple bottom line business in action.


In this episode 

  • Monica Adair is back filling in for Greg Hemmings one more time.
  • We are reminded that Dave will soon have another bundle of joy.
  • Jason introduces himself and we hear how he went from being a Japanese teacher and stockbroker to a diaper baron.
  • Jason gives us the shocking statistics on disposable diapers and exactly how bad they are for our environment.
  • We hear how this business provides both money and meaning to both Jason and his wife.
  • There is a discussion of how parenthood opens up a whole new world of guilt but how gDiapers could save a parent a bit of environmental guilt.
  • Jason tells us how gDiapers and the B Corp philosophy was such a great match.
  • Jason also tells us a brief history on disposable products and why it has taken us so long to come up with a better disposable diaper.
  • We learn how gDiapers redefine convenience and remove guilt for a new parent.
  • Jason also tells us about his innovative gCycle product that is currently in development.
  • We also have a discussion on how and why B Corps can have difficulty finding investment.



- gDiapers' Website

- gDiapers on Amazon and Amazon Canada

- gDiapers on Facebook

- gDiapers on Twitter

- gDiapers on Instagram

- gCycle Website

- Jason on Linked In



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Embracing Ambiguity


Introducing Trevor Haldenby and The Mission Business

Is there a better profession to put on your business card than time traveller? Probably not, but that is exactly what this week’s Boiling Point guest has on his card. Trevor Haldenby is an imaginative futurist, entrepreneur, and researcher who helps people and organizations build a creative vision of the world of tomorrow.

As an entrepreneur and consultant Trevor has 10 years of experience bringing business innovation, strategic foresight, and digital storytelling to global organizations. In 2012, Trevor co-founded The Mission Business Inc., a creative studio that designs immersive events and performances set within different future scenarios. As President of The Mission Business, he designs and delivers critically acclaimed public art projects and interactive workshops that enable leadership teams and the masses to “time travel” into possible, plausible, and preferable future scenarios.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how travelling to the future could give you better understanding of the challenges we will one day face.


In this episode

  • Monica Adair is back filling in for Greg Hemmings.
  • We hear how Greg met Trevor at a 21 Inc. event for leaders in Atlantic Canada.
  • Trevor tells us all about the Mission Business and what they do.
  • We learn what futurists do and how they help our society.
  • Trevor tells us how futurists need to be comfortable with ambiguity.
  • We hear how science fiction seems to be the “gateway drug” for those seeking a future as a futurist.
  • We hear how businesses use futurists to translate big ideas.
  • Trevor discusses how everything in the world has been designed.
  • We hear about a NASA conference that used the Mission Business to illustrate some big ideas and how they did so.
  • Monica and Dave admire the ability to not fear the unknown and be comfortable in ambiguity.



- The Mission Business Website

- The Mission Business on Facebook

- The Mission Business on Twitter

- Trevor's Personal Website 

- Trevor on Twitter

- Trevor on Linked In

- Trevor's TEDx speech about Bringing the Future to Life

- Trevor's winning speech at Autodesk's 2025 Design Innovation's Awards

- See the Mission Business in action with Zed.To

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The Mighty Introvert


Introducing Luis Vazquez and

What type of person do you think of when you think of an entrepreneur? Most likely you think of a boisterous visionary type who stands out from the crowd. While this is often how we characterize entrepreneurs, this isn’t always the case. Many entrepreneurs would consider themselves introverts who would much rather an evening of quiet contemplation than an evening of schmoozing at a networking social. Sadly, many entrepreneurial-minded introverts never take the first steps to pursuing their own business because there is so much interaction in starting a business and with the selling process. Today’s Boiling Point guest is out to smash the misconception that introverts cannot be successful business people; they just need to go about things a different way.

Luis Vazquez calls himself a s creative hustler but is also a freelance developer, a former break-dancer, and an introvert who helps other introverts to shine with his website, His message to introverts is to stop pretending to be extraverts.   This can be hard for some because a lot of the resources out there are designed for the more extraverted. The resource that Luis has developed has not only helped him and his own business, but countless other introverts.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to fully empower yourself or your favorite introvert.


In this episode

  • Monica is back filling in for Greg.
  • We hear about how Greg met Luis at a Seth Godin event.
  • The group discusses the benefits to being both an introvert and an extravert.
  • Luis tells us about how difficult it was initially for him to become a freelancer as an introvert.
  • Luis tells us about his background as a first generation Mexican-American in a poor neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and how some of this played into his introversion.
  • Luis also tells us how in Mexican culture can see introverts as ‘the alphas’.
  • We hear how by trying to sell as an extravert Luis was rewarded with $150 and a Burger King Sandwich. We then hear how this all changed when he tried some different strategies.
  • Luis tells us why improvisation or “winging it” doesn’t work for introverts as much as for extraverts, but there is a better strategy.
  • Dave mentions how some extraverts have no problem speaking, but often have difficulty truly listening.
  • Luis tells us how introverts can be team players, but in a different way.
  • He also tells us that being in more extraverted situations can become easier if you treat the situation like building a muscle.
  • We hear how introverts are not necessarily shy.
  • Dave is drawn in by Luis and agrees there is so much to learn about the diversity of strengths we all bring.
  • Monica sees how introverts and extraverts really do compliment each other and we also hear how this played out in her office’s creative brainstorming sessions.




- Luis on Twitter

- Luis on Linked In

- Course on Prospecting for Introverts


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