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The Right Confidence


Introducing Dr. Hal Movius and Movius Consulting

Negotiation is a daily reality in most of our lives. Whether it is a big-time business deal or bargaining with a five-year-old over bedtime, negotiation is a fact of life. There is a pervasive belief that some of us are better negotiators based on personality and confidence but according to today’s guest this is just not the case.

Dr. Hal Movius is an applied psychologist, negotiation and leadership coach, consultant, trainer, author, and researcher in the field of negotiation. For five years, he taught a course on negotiation at Harvard University and he currently consults Fortune 500 leaders. Hal’s focus is on how leaders and teams can protect relationships and be collaborative and creative when they are under intense competitive pressures on in situations where the one side has more power than the other.

Check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how you could sharpen your negotiating game.


In this episode

  • Stephen Kopp is back co-hosting with Greg.
  • We are introduced to Hal and his work.
  • Hal tells us why personality is not the determining factor on how well you can negotiate.
  • We learn how situational factors play into negotiation with an example from a college experiment.
  • Greg tells us how he reset the context from competition to collaboration at a recent event he attended.
  • Hal tells us about his previous book, “Built to Win” and how even after learning the correct skills it can still be difficult to negotiate in practice.
  • We learn about Hal’s new book “Resolve: Negotiating Life’s Conflicts with Greater Confidence
  • There is a discussion on how over confidence in negotiations can be a detriment.
  • Hal tells us about the right type of confidence to have in negotiation.
  • Stephen brings up how new companies can often underestimate their worth and we hear how some tech entrepreneurs have the opposite issue.
  • Hal give us an example of using executive pens to illustrate the endowment effect.
  • We learn that negotiation is learned and not something you are born with.
  • Stephen realizes how many negotiations you have in a given day.
  • Greg sees confidence is important yet risky.



- Movius Consulting Website


- "Resolve: Negotiating Life's Conflicts with Greater Confidence" on Amazon

- "Built to Win: Creating a World-class Negotiating Organization" on Amazon

- Hal on Linked In

- Hal on Facebook

- Email Hal

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The Good News


Introducing Maren Keeley and Conscious Company Media

Have you ever ended an experience of watching or reading the news only to feel more depressed than informed? There is no shortage of content out there (especially on the internet) that would leave a person feeling pretty down on the world. We don’t want to reject reality, but we all know there are also a lot of great stories out there going underreported. This week’s Boiling Point guest felt the same way about businesses doing positive things in the world and did something about it.

Maren Keeley is the co-founder of Conscious Company Media, a content provider, which shares inspiring stories about business as a force for good. Maren knew that businesses that consciously account for all stakeholders are great vehicles to drive positive change.   She also knew that these types of positive businesses didn’t have enough of a voice. So, not only does Conscious Company publishes a gorgeous magazine, but now are providing content across multiple platforms, offering webinars, publishing research papers, and are hosting an in-person conference later this year.

Check out the good news on this episode of Boiling Point.


In this episode

  • Stephen Kopp is back co-hosting with Greg.
  • We are introduced to Maren and Conscious Company.
  • Maren lets us in on the motivation to start a magazine.
  • Greg tells us about his appetite for great smelling magazines.
  • We hear about how a combination of great content and appealing design draws people to Conscious Company.
  • We discuss how a copy of Conscious Company in your business’s waiting room tells something about your company.
  • There is a discussion of how people are seeking more positive news.
  • Maren tells us about the feeling of hope for the future from many business leaders due to the younger generation.
  • Greg tells us about a recent experience of sharing a positive story on Venezuela.
  • Maren tells us not to deny the negative headlines, but to realize that these headlines don’t necessarily inspire change to something better.
  • She also tells us about some of the great people she has been able to interview so far.



- Conscious Company Website

- Conscious Company on Facebook

- Conscious Company on Twitter

- Conscious Company on Linked In

- Conscious Company on Instagram

- Maren on Linked In

- Maren on Twitter


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Give Back Pack


Introducing Scot Tatelman and State Bags 

It is truly great when you can buy a fantastic product for yourself and at the same time give a fantastic product to someone in need. This is exactly what happens when you purchase a bag from this week’s Boiling Point guest.

Scot Tatelman and his wife Jacqueline are the co-founders of State Bags, which is a one for one bag brand based out of New York City. Similar to companies like TOMS Shoes, for every State bag that is sold, State donates a fully stocked backpack to an American child in need; truly a win-win.  

But this is not even close to where the giving stops for this philanthropic couple. In fact, the whole idea for State bags came from another cause that is close to their heart. Scot and Jacqueline have a passion for providing summer camp to under privileged, inner-city children. They noticed that when campers were settling in to camp, many would bring their items in plastic garbage bags, an observation that while truly heartbreaking, provided the inspiration for State Bags. 

But this isn’t even where the story ends, so check out this episode of the Boiling Point to see how business can truly make positive impact.


In this episode

  • Stephen Kopp is back hosting with a pantless Greg.
  • We hear how Greg met Scot at the B Corp Champions Retreat in Philadelphia.
  • Scot tells us about the Give Back Pack program.
  • We hear how the creation of State bags was inspired through an observation made at summer camp.
  • We hear how kids get more than just a bag, but also inspiration and confidence at State’s bag drop events.
  • Scot tells us how the company has changed from it’s beginning and how it had to be about more than just mission.
  • There is discuss how mission based brands should go about promote their product vs. their mission.
  • Scot explains the importance of camp to him and his family, even if it occurs during the “super bowl” of backpack sales, back to school time.
  • We learn the difference between traditional B-Corps and Benefit Corporations.
  • Scot tells us about the additional issues State is taking on with the “What do we tell the Kids Project”
  • Greg uses an analogy of Jenga to talk about taking greed out of capitalism.



- State Bags Website

- State Bags on Twitter

- State Bags on Facebook

- State Bags on Instagram

- The Country Roads Foundation

- Scot on Linked In 

- #WhatDoWeTellTheKids 


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