The Boiling Point Podcast

Introducing Paul Campbell:

  • Paul is a former amateur hockey prospect who had high hopes to making into the big leagues until a tragic car accident on Christmas of 1987 left him in a coma for 51 days, due to this he could never really play hockey again.
  • He has since become a teacher whose motivation in life is inspiring others and making a positive impact in people’s lives.
  • After the death of his brother he was inspired to finally publish his book about his life, that being Goodnight Paul. The Journey to My NHL: Living the Dream.
  • His book has been read and endorsed by Chris Hatfield and Don Cherry.
  • Though Paul came close to death he considers himself to be the luckiest man alive.

In this episode:

  • Paul shares with us with his hilarious story about how he got here before this interview.
  • Paul shares his positive physical change since his coma in 1987.
  • Dave explains how he was introduced to Paul through Email and drawn in by Paul’s amazing story.
  • Paul shares how he started skating since he was 16 months old and grew up to be a very strong hockey player. How he led his high school and junior teams in scoring.
  • Paul tells Greg and Dave how he had a verbal agreement from the IHL’s Peoria Riverman the St.Louis Blues’ affiliate that he could tryout once he was finished playing university hockey.
  • Paul explains how he got into his car accident on Christmas night in 1987 and how he didn’t know he was in a coma for 51 days until he awoke in March of 1988.
  • Paul says that after his concussion he couldn’t skate very well, which devastated him because being a hockey player was his dream that he worked so hard to achieve.
  • Paul sadly tells the Boiling Point that he lost his best friend Frank in the car accident and that he thinks of Frank every day since then.
  • Paul shares his own “never give up philosophy” to inspire others.
  • Paul shares about his book Goodnight Paul. The Journey to My NHL: Living the Dream.
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Introducing Mike and Jan George

  • Jan is a Finance Manager, Mike an IT Consultant, both are married with three children.
  • They have received strong media attention around their 25-year-old son Ben, who has a disability caused by a virus known as cytomegalovirus, or CMV.
  • CMV is the leading cause of disability in newborns.
  • Mike has written a book about the struggles that they have subsequently gone through with helping Ben as well as raising awareness about this devastating virus.

In this episode:

  • Wayne Jagoe co-hosts the show to fill in for Greg.
  • Dave and Wayne welcome on Jan and Mike George, both parents of Ben who was born disabled caused by the virus CMV.
  • We discuss how the virus CMV is largely unknown by the mainstream but yet is the number one cause of disability in newborns. This virus attacked Ben’s neurological system and caused multiple severely inhibiting symptoms when he was only an infant.
  • We discuss Mike’s book about their experiences and journey raising Ben, the book is called Third Time Lucky.
  • Mike and Jan fill us in on their website and movement called Soaring Families. Which both serves to help families that struggle with the emotional hardships of disabilities and also to share information to help ease the experience of those going through similar situations.
  • We hear about Jan and Mike’s experience and how they use their experience to offer tools towards helping others who are now going through the same scenario or those that are similar.
  • Mike shares with us that Ben is now going to University communicating through his electronic communications device.
  • You can read more about Ben’s amazing story here.
  • Wayne is inspired by this incredible story describing it as “surreal”.
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In this episode:

· Bruce fills in the hosts about organizational culture in business and how it can make the biggest impact for a company’s product differentiation and giving a company a competitive advantage.

· Bruce talks about how people don’t quit their company, they leave their boss. Having strong organizational culture in business helps for companies to retain their employees for the long term.

· Bruce discusses the biggest systemic challenges organizations are met with, an example of this is companies having too strong of a command and control mentality.

· Bruce explains how HR expertise can really help bring about change in culture for a business to thrive and succeed.

· He elaborates how if a company usually is late for all of its meetings it’s more reflective about the company’s culture.

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