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Introducing Rivers Corbett:

  • Rivers Corbett, MBA, is an award winning serial entrepreneur, international speaker, startUP entrepreneurial thought leader, and author of"13 Fears of Entrepreneurs."
  • He has received numerous business awards including: 2015 Business Person of the Year, Canada's Hottest Start-ups List, as well as Canada's Fastest Growing Companies list through Profit magazine. He recently received the StartUP Canada Champion Award.
  • Rivers is a founding board member of StartUP Canada and is a host of the StartUP Canada Podcast Show. Most recently, he joined the Opportunties New Brunswick team to help significantly move the needle on the spirit and actions of entrepreneurship throughout the province.
  • Rivers is also a co-founder ofRayZen Innovations, a company that is significantly disrupting how non-profits & charities traditionally raise money through online gaming technology.


In this episode:

  • Greg is back hosting the boiling point! Big thanks to Wayne Jagoe for filling in for Greg for the past few weeks!
  • Rivers informs Dave and Greg about his career portfolio and endeavours.
  • He talks about his involvement with Opportunies New Brunswick and how he wants to create a more entrepreneurial environment throughout the province.
  • Rivers explains how the education system needs to be more business oriented, offering the youth a more in-depth understanding of entrepreneurialism and business management.
  • The Boiling Point talks about the importance of private enterprise and how it most likely is the key for New Brunswick’s economic recovery.
  • Greg and Dave discuss how they plan on having Rivers back on the show in the near future. Stay tuned!
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