The Boiling Point Podcast

Introducing: Rick Doyle

  • Rick is the Owner of FiveStar Bailiff and Civil Enforcement Services.
  • He is a Provincial Civil Constable with 20 years of security experience.
  • Rick is a Former Professional MMA Fighter, a Former Professional Wrestler, as well as a Radio and TV personality.
  • FiveStarr Bailiff and Civil Enforcement Services focuses on protecting members in the community from physical or emotional harm.

In this episode:

  • Greg and Dave introduce former professional wrestler Rick Doyle onto the Boiling Point.
  • Rick shares with us his experience as a security guard and how he learned the vital importance of protecting people from the potential harm of dangerous people.
  • The boiling point guest explains his process of going about de-escalating violent situations through dominance and force.
  • Rick gives his reflection of changing his point of view towards people who are less fortunate in life, especially when it comes to looking after people who have disabilities.
  • Strong language is involved in this podcast, viewer discretion is advised.


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