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About Nicole Leblanc:

  • Nicole LeBlanc joined BDC Capital in 2014 as Associate Director, Strategic Investments and Partnerships.
  • In this position, she actively manages the BDC convertible note program and associated investment portfolio.
  • Before joining BDC Capital, Nicole was Director of Finance for New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) where she played a central role in their investment activities, negotiations and business development, and oversaw their internal and external reporting. 

In this episode:

  • Greg and Dave talk about the booth… again. But this time they have a new booth! A new recording studio!
  • Nicole calls in to the Boiling Point from Kitchener-Waterloo to talk with our hosts at the Boiling Point.
  • Nicole shares her “sixty-second pitch” about herself and her involvement with BDC Capital in Toronto, Ontario.
  • She talks about her engagement to get more young women involved in the financial and technological industry that is traditionally more male dominated.
  • Nicole shares how Kaiya Hemmings is one of her favourite female entrepreneurs and how moved she has been by Kaiya’s braveness to speak out about making people feel included at such a young age.
  • Dave, Greg, and Nicole share how incredibly important it is to welcome and include all groups to take part in every industry, which is Nicole’s goal encouraging women to become more involved in traditionally male dominated sectors such as finance and technology.
  • Nicole shares her pride of being from the East Coast, and she explains how though Atlantic Canadian based entrepreneurs are very good at organizing and starting up businesses they can sometimes lack capital and economic movement. Which part of her vision is to see that change and to increase the entrepreneurial mindset in New Brunswick and in Atlantic Canada.
  • Tune in this week’s episode for the full podcast!
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About Corey Blake:

  • Corey Blake is the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC), an 11 year old creative agency using storytelling to drive personal and organizational identity shift, culture change, and dynamic marketing.
  • Corey was a professional actor in Los Angeles prior to starting RTC and starred in a Mountain Dew Super Bowl ad.
  • He is a frequent keynote speaker and facilitator. Corey has studied at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and the Stagen Leadership Academy, is a sponsor of Conscious Capitalism, and is the creator of the Vulnerability is Sexygame and movement.

In this episode:

  • Greg shares how he originally meet Corey in Philadelphia at the Social Venture Network Conference.
  • Corey explains his work trying to change the culture of business and marketing through the power of story-telling.
  • He then shares with our hosts his progression from being a paid commercial actor in Hollywood to becoming a sought out business partner who helps companies change their vision towards socially responsible business culture.
  • Greg and Dave reflect on the days when Greg went through his decision making process to draft the vision statement and implement the culture that Hemmings House stands for today, which is in line with the social economy.
  • Corey reflects with Greg and Dave on how implementing this culture of social responsibility into a company also means changing your own personal worldview and quality of life.
  • Tune into this episode to enjoy this inspirational conversation on changing the narrative of business and implementing a better economy for all!
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About Jason Martin:

  • Jason Martin’s toolbox of skills, Red Seal certifications and experience collided with his entrepreneurial itch when he acquired New Brunswick’s only private training facility exclusively for welding, Ready Arc Training & Testing, in 2013.
  • As president, Jason lives by his mantra of “consistent and steady improvement”. From changing locations and obtaining official recognition from the government to updating the curriculum and launching digital services for industry clients, Ready Arc has come a long way in 3 years – and continues to gain momentum with even more projects in development at this very moment. 
  • Besides running the day to day at Ready Arc, Jason continuously pursues additional training and also works on custom welding projects for notable clients and architects in and around Saint John. His work has even been featured on “Real Houses of…” on the W Network.


In this episode:

  • Jason returns to the Boiling Point after technical difficulties on the last time he came on the show, as it turns out it ended up being a blessing in disguise as Jason has even more information to offer than he previously couldn’t reveal about Ready Arc Training & Testing.
  • Jason talks about testing and certifying people who want to go into the boiler making and pipefitting industry in New Brunswick for companies before going over to Alberta to work. This being an affordable alternative to getting the same certificate in Alberta costing the potential employee an extensive amount of money.
  • Jason talks about also keeping track of a comprehensive database of these certified pipefitters and boilermakers, saving time and money for these contractors.
  • Greg compares this service as being an imperative comparable to having a company accountant that maintains a company’s financial documents.
  • Jason shares all of his other revolutionary time and money saving ideas that could change the landscape for the hardworking tradesmen of New Brunswick and beyond. Whether it be welders, pipefitters, or boilermakers, Jason looks towards making their lives better to create a positive impact.
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Introducing Steve Beauschesne

  • Steve Beauchesne is the co-founder of Beau’s All Natural, a family run, employee owned and totally independent Canadian craft brewery.
  • Since its start-up in 2006, Beau’s has won more than 85 national and international awards for beer-making, marketing and packaging design, sustainability and business practices, and has raised more than $1 million for charity, community and independent arts.
  • Steve is Vice Chair of the Ontario Craft Brewers Association, and a frequent presenter at craft brewing, culinary, and sustainability seminars and events.
  • Steve was selected for the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce “Top Forty under 40” in 2015, and in 2013 Steve was recognized by the United Way with a Community Builder of the Year Award.

In this episode:

  • Greg and Dave go over how Steve looks like Greg’s doppelganger.
  • Steve goes over his journey of becoming a B-corp.
  • Greg talks about how Steve’s marketing budget is almost nothing because of the positive views surrounding his business because of his altruistic nature towards community.
  • Dave and Greg talk about the importance of becoming a B-Corp and how much work it is to maintain being a B-Corp.
  • Steve shares how his father instilled him with strong moral principles when it comes to handling business very ethically.
  • Steve explains how he sold his brewery to all of his employees as to share the company with all of the employees working for him.
  • Tune in for more on this week’s Boiling Point…
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About Henry Cross:

In this episode:

  • Greg and Henry talk about the tragic loss of iconic grunge star Chris Cornell.
  • Henry talks about growing up in Miami and not enjoying the humidity there, which influenced his eventual move up north to New York.
  • He discusses how Hush Yoga uses the practice of Yoga to positively impact their local community within New York City.
  • Henry shares the amazing impact Yoga has had in his life, and how it has changed his physical and mental health.
  • He hopes that one day Yoga becomes a common practice accepted in business organizations to better the health and wellness of its employees.
  • Henry finally reiterates is conviction that the practice of Yoga is an imperative to the future of preventative medicine.
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