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About Jason Martin:

  • Jason Martin’s toolbox of skills, Red Seal certifications and experience collided with his entrepreneurial itch when he acquired New Brunswick’s only private training facility exclusively for welding, Ready Arc Training & Testing, in 2013.
  • As president, Jason lives by his mantra of “consistent and steady improvement”. From changing locations and obtaining official recognition from the government to updating the curriculum and launching digital services for industry clients, Ready Arc has come a long way in 3 years – and continues to gain momentum with even more projects in development at this very moment. 
  • Besides running the day to day at Ready Arc, Jason continuously pursues additional training and also works on custom welding projects for notable clients and architects in and around Saint John. His work has even been featured on “Real Houses of…” on the W Network.


In this episode:

  • Jason returns to the Boiling Point after technical difficulties on the last time he came on the show, as it turns out it ended up being a blessing in disguise as Jason has even more information to offer than he previously couldn’t reveal about Ready Arc Training & Testing.
  • Jason talks about testing and certifying people who want to go into the boiler making and pipefitting industry in New Brunswick for companies before going over to Alberta to work. This being an affordable alternative to getting the same certificate in Alberta costing the potential employee an extensive amount of money.
  • Jason talks about also keeping track of a comprehensive database of these certified pipefitters and boilermakers, saving time and money for these contractors.
  • Greg compares this service as being an imperative comparable to having a company accountant that maintains a company’s financial documents.
  • Jason shares all of his other revolutionary time and money saving ideas that could change the landscape for the hardworking tradesmen of New Brunswick and beyond. Whether it be welders, pipefitters, or boilermakers, Jason looks towards making their lives better to create a positive impact.
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