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About Nicole Leblanc:

  • Nicole LeBlanc joined BDC Capital in 2014 as Associate Director, Strategic Investments and Partnerships.
  • In this position, she actively manages the BDC convertible note program and associated investment portfolio.
  • Before joining BDC Capital, Nicole was Director of Finance for New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) where she played a central role in their investment activities, negotiations and business development, and oversaw their internal and external reporting. 

In this episode:

  • Greg and Dave talk about the booth… again. But this time they have a new booth! A new recording studio!
  • Nicole calls in to the Boiling Point from Kitchener-Waterloo to talk with our hosts at the Boiling Point.
  • Nicole shares her “sixty-second pitch” about herself and her involvement with BDC Capital in Toronto, Ontario.
  • She talks about her engagement to get more young women involved in the financial and technological industry that is traditionally more male dominated.
  • Nicole shares how Kaiya Hemmings is one of her favourite female entrepreneurs and how moved she has been by Kaiya’s braveness to speak out about making people feel included at such a young age.
  • Dave, Greg, and Nicole share how incredibly important it is to welcome and include all groups to take part in every industry, which is Nicole’s goal encouraging women to become more involved in traditionally male dominated sectors such as finance and technology.
  • Nicole shares her pride of being from the East Coast, and she explains how though Atlantic Canadian based entrepreneurs are very good at organizing and starting up businesses they can sometimes lack capital and economic movement. Which part of her vision is to see that change and to increase the entrepreneurial mindset in New Brunswick and in Atlantic Canada.
  • Tune in this week’s episode for the full podcast!
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