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  • Guillaume explains to Dave and Greg about Pixelis, as well as B-Corp being innovative with experimenting, creating and trying new things,  creating a compelling message for large companies.
  • Guillaume talks about "Brands" being branding agencies and innovation labs and how he brings both strategies together.
  • He shares that the B-Corp movement is very new in France compared to the United States and how they are working with other B-Corps to try to create legal status in France.
  • Listen in on this episode of the Boiling Point to hear about Guillaume De Vesvrotte's experiences with Pixelis and B-Corps.
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Owning an electrical business has taken Andy out of the field and into a management position in his electrical business. Although his comfort level was more suited for the field, he learned to adapt and embrace the role as an "outside leader". This shows itself as a new challenge everyday having him shifting gears, adapting and growing to suit each of these new challenges as they present themselves. 

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