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  • Our guests share about their company Haute goat, a company based around goat farming.
  • They explain their passion for their business, their animals, and their farm.
  • Debbie and Shain tell the story on how they went down the road of goat farming and how they are so grateful to get paid to do what they love.
  • Listen in to the episode to find out the development of the Nightingale’s family business!
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  • Bernie shares with Greg and Dave his journey through his career. He realized that being a traditional sales agent in the insurance industry didn't feel comfortable.
  • Bernie decided he wanted to start his own business that helps those who have fallen vulnerable to life's unexpected tragedies.
    The company that Bernie founded is Cove Continuity Advisors Inc. This company is the only certified insurance B-Corp in all of Canada.  
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In This Episode:

  • Michael Katz explains why your likeability is actually your biggest asset
  • He explains how to stand out from other people with your same qualifications
  • Michael explains that you don’t need to be an expert.  You just need people to think you’re an expert.
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In This Episode:

  • Will Bernard and Billy English talk about the importance of setting goals for your business
  • They talk about how they tripled their sales in five years and their plans to grow even more
  • Bernard and English discuss the idea of pacing the changes you make in your company
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  • Jeff talks about ways to cope with stress within emergency cares. This led him to being heavily involved with work place safety.
  • Jeff goes on to discuss the idea of ECPR. ECPR keeps a person's vital organs such as their brain supplied with blood and oxygen until they can treat the cause of their cardiac arrest.
  • Jeff discusses building a different foundation in the Saint John Regional Hospital. He discusses his involvement with different resources and how ECPR went on to be a winning idea on the show Dragons Den.


  • Jeff McAloon joined the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation as President & Ceo in July of 2013.
  • Jeff has a background in strategic planning, governance and team building.
  • Jeff is a graduate of Mount Allison University, Ryerson University, and holds a professional designation in Human Resources. 
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Stephen talks about how he can afford to spend so much time surfing in Costa Rica while running a successful business.  Greg reveals some big news for the Boiling Point community.

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 Who is Sean Barker?

  • Sean hails from Labrador City and is the owner of KV Fit Body Boot camp.
  • Fit body boot camp is the fastest growing fitness boot camp in the world. He chose to bring this franchise to the valley.
  • Sean is the author of a novel called Dad Fitness. He is a contributing editor on Fit Parent Magazine and Inside Fitness Magazine.


In this episode:

  • Sean shares his morning routine and how he revolves his day around his early schedule.
  • He explains why he believes in quality over quantity of sleep.
  • Sean shares his secret to reprogramming your body.
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  • Heather is a motivational speaker and a two time Olympic gold medalist in bobsledding. She represented Canada in 2006, 2010, 2014, and most recently in 2018. She hails from the small island province of Prince Edward Island and preaches others to believe in the impossible, no matter the circumstances.
  • Heather shares her last minute decision to make a return to the Olympics in 2018, not necessarily to plan on winning but rather to serve as an inspiration to anybody who may doubt themselves.
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