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  • Ken chats with Greg and Dave about his passion for surfing and how it has become a creative outlet for him to express himself.
  • Ken explains the essence of surfing and life lessons you can learn from being out on the water, and how the experience itself can teach you things outside of surfing as well.
  • Ken discusses about how he drifted away from surfing, and it came back to him at the age of 40 and he felt the same excitement as when he was 14 years old.
  • Ken talks about how he incorporates his love for surfing into his ways of teaching.


  • As a life long wave-rider, Ken lives his life in motion, more improvised than choreographed.
  • Ken Otter presently works as the Co-director of The Leadership Center at Saint Mary's College and Associate Professor in Leadership.
  • Ken's educational background includes studies in somatic, counselling and organizational psychology, expressive arts therapy, adult development and learning, and leadership.
  • Ken designs and facilitates innovative and transformative learning experiences for people, individually who want to use their role and work to catalyze meaningful systems change in their world.
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  • Jaclyn chats with Greg and Dave about her book "33 Days: A Parenting Program to Strengthen Your Family", and describes how the Law Of Attraction inspired the start up of her book.
  • Jaclyn talks about becoming more relaxed by becoming less busy and enjoying other experiences outside of work.
  • Jaclyn discusses how her therapy is not structured like usual therapists, she reads and collects things that she thinks might help them. 
  • She describes her office as having natural elements such as rocks, fountains, trying to bring the grounding and calming energy indoors as much as possible.
  • Jaclyn explains the importance of what she does and how she can make a positive impact on the world.


  • Jaclyn Trecartin is a Certified Canadian Counsellor
    and a Licensed Counselling Therapist, working with children, families, and adults.
  • Jaclyn currently runs a private therapy practice in Saint John,
    New Brunswick.
  • She has published one book incorporating theories
    of the Law of Attraction with her experience as a therapist, in a flexible and creative workbook entitled 33 Days: A Parenting Program to Strengthen Your Family.
  • She believes in the power of nourishing our inner light and expanding it outward and has a newsletter dedicated to this belief, the Shine Revolution.
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  • Bethany chats with Greg and Dave about creating SomaDetect agriculture farming company, which is helping farmers provide better care for animals and providing good quality milk.
  • Bethany talks about completing a PHD in biology, and how it has helped immensely with the start up of SomaDetect.
  • Bethany discusses how she helps farmers diagnose low quality or contaminated milk and providing nutritional needs for farmers with their farms.
  • Bethany tells how the idea was actually born from her father, and how he was a biophysicists who worked on applications involved with the innovation behind SomaDetect.


  • Bethany Deshpande is the CEO of SomaDetect. She is a scientist turned entrepreneur who is providing dairy farmers with the information they need to produce the best possible milk.
  • Bethany has experience in community engagement, Northern environmental science, mathematics, and data analysis.
  • Bethany set out to commercialize the technology developed by her dad over the past several decades.
  • SomaDetect represents a significant innovation within the dairy industry.
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In this episode:

- Richard explains the impact on broad lateral thinking that comes with training or schooling in architecture.

- Richard and Greg give examples of the qualities of architecture being transferable to different jobs.

- They explain parallels between architecture and film.

- They speak on monument building in the light of old monuments getting taken down.

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In This Episode:

  • Bridget Oland discusses how she got to her position as the marketing director and recipe developer of Crosby's Molasses
  • Greg, Dave and Bridget all share their best molasses stories
  • Bridget explains how molasses is made and what a versatile product it is
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  • Greg introduces Alex MacBeath as the Chair of the Wallace McCain Institute.
  • Alex explains what he now does, as well as the companies that he manages.
  • We hear the in-depth process of becoming a member of the Wallace McCain Institute’s
  • Our guest shares with Dave and Greg the thorough application process of the Wallace McCain Institute.
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  • In this episode we hear Andrew Bedford’s passion towards heritage marketing.
  • Andrew Bedford gives his story on how he became inspired to recreate the Hartt Shoe Company.
  • Our hosts go over with Andrew the iconic history of the Hartt Shoe Company in New Brunswick.
  • Our guest shares when he heard the history of the Hartt Shoe Company he fell in love with the brand. This inspired him to revive it.
  • We hear how Hartt Shoe was a proud partner of the Canadian military during World War Two. The soldiers who fought for Canada wore Hartt boots when they fought for our country.
  • We hear Andrew’s philosophy towards social responsibility and how he brings that into his businesses.
  • Listen in to the episode to hear the full story!
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  • Cody Royle explains how business leadership is similar to sports leadership.
  • Our guest goes over that he is the head coach of the Canadian National team for Australian Rules football.
  • He shares with our hosts what Australian Rules football is. He also explains the popularity of this sport within Canada.
  • Our guest gives his take on how he finds similarities between the Canadian and Australian culture.
  • Cody shares with Dave and Greg about the process of writing his book. He also shares his experience interviewing world-class sports coaches from around the world.
  • He then also finds a contrast between sports coaching and business coaching.
  • Listen in to the podcast to catch the full interview!
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  • Greg goes over the story of how he met Elizabeth at a B-Corp event in Philadelphia.
  • Elizabeth explains to the listeners about her company “Meaningful Organizational Design Incorporated” and what her company specializes in.
  • We hear our guest’s philosophy towards business organization, and her shared business values with Dave and Greg.
  • Elizabeth and Greg talk about how the younger generations are spearheading the social responsibility movement, and how this means the future of successful business will be based around social responsibility.
  • Listen in to hear the whole episode!


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