The Boiling Point Podcast

In this episode:

  • Elizabeth explains why she wrote her book and what inspires her.
  • She talks about staying motivated and why some entrepreneurs find their interest in their company going stale.
  • Elizabeth talks about showing people how to look at themselves with more compassion.
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In This Episode:

  • Connor explains his frustration with the usual freelancer finding websites online.
  • He explains how his company, FreeeUp, only allows the top 1% of freelancer applications onto their market and even offers freelancer insurance.
  • Connor talks about hiring freelancers vs. employees.
  • The three discuss being in control of your business and your assets instead of relying on other companies or services.
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In This Episode:

  • Greg and Dave sit down and talk with two of the board members of L’Arche, a chain of communities where people with intellectual disabilities are able to share with each other and explore their gifts.

  • Their guests, Jim and Martin, talk about L’Arche’s art galleries and how they help build confidence for people with intellectual disabilities.  They also help people with and without intellectual disabilities connect with each other.

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In This Episode


  • Greg introduces Brent Smith who is a Newfoundland chocolate retailer calling in from Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • We hear our guest’s personal story of how he and his wife decided to go into the chocolate business.
  • Brent explains how part of the inspiration for the company was to afford to get their two sons to Disney World.
  • Our hosts hear the story of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company's breakthrough, and how they became a chocolate retail company.
  • Brent shares how having no paycheque one Christmas morning inspired him and his wife to grow their own business full-time.
  • Listen in to this installment of the Boiling Point to hear the full story!


Who is Brent Smith?


  • Brent Smith is the CCO or Chief Chocolate Officer of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company.
  • The Newfoundland Chocolate Company has won a number of awards including the St. John’s Board of Trade’s highest honour, the 2015 overall Business Excellence Award.
  • In addition, Newfoundland Chocolates were named the Atlantic Food Product of the Year in 2012. They were named one of Canada’s top chocolates in 2013.
  • Prior to his leap into the world of chocolate, Brent worked with and ran several non-profits. This included seven years at Easter Seals Society and five years in tobacco control policy.
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