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Have you ever struggled with maintaining relationships at work that go beyond just professional interactions? Do you feel like you only focus on work tasks and not building personal relationships? Well, it might be time to re-evaluate the benefits that having solid relationships at work gives you.  And yeah, there’s now an app for that.

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We’re excited to be joined by Shamini Dhana once more, and this time it’s to announce the official launch of the circular memory jacket! Through Greg becoming a model and showing off his circular memory jacket, Shamini shares the experience of working with people to preserve their memories and our environment with this zero-waste focused product. We learn about Dhana Inc’s efforts during COVID-19, plans for the circular memory jacket and other products they hope to launch soon. 

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Today more than ever, employees are looking to their leaders for help on how to navigate COVID-19, working from home, juggling work-life balance and keeping up on their actual jobs. But as leaders, how do we do that effectively?

Stuart MacLean builds on Dr Bill Howatt’s article around authentic leadership by highlighting his philosophy he’s learned over his career path of always asking yourself who have you helped be successful today? The group talks about the importance of a leader caring about the individuals working around them regardless of job function and they an honest chat about showing your vulnerability as a leader and being open to honest, direct feedback.  

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