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Have you gotten in a disagreement with someone online recently? Or have you seen the downfall of a public figure through an online movement? How do you feel about these interactions? 

A returning guest to The Boiling Point, Dorothéa Bozicolona-Volpe, who has worked in the digital and social media space for over 17 years, joins Greg to discuss “Cancel Culture” and how we interact with each other in the online world. No matter your background, political affiliations or personal beliefs, we have all been influenced by our engagements in online channels. But how do we make the most of the global interconnectivity that social media channels offer?

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If you’re a filmmaker, artist, actor, or another type of creative professional, do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Many of those roles aren’t 9 - 5 jobs and require you to work in a freelance or contract environment where you are essentially your own boss. So why don’t we automatically consider those creative professionals entrepreneurs? As a creative professional, why don’t you think of yourself that way?

Today, our guest, Jimmy Matlosz, is a filmmaker and an entrepreneur who thinks we need to better prepare young professionals and students in creative industries. He hits on a point that resonates well with Dave & Greg that if you’ve never grown up with someone in your family running a business, you may not even know where to start and assume you have to be an employee to gain security and stability. Jimmy talks about how he hopes through mentorship and changes to education, up and coming creatives can stop thinking of themselves as employees and realize their freedom when they start adopting the entrepreneurial mindset. An excellent discussion to highlight for anyone in a creative profession driven by passion is that “business” is not always a bad word. 

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Over the last year, we've had to learn how to connect and engage with each other in a nearly entirely virtual setting. We've all seen reports highlighting the impact this has had on the mental health of so many people. For business leaders, they've had to balance their employees' physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and the everyday work of keeping a business running. It's been stressful for everyone, especially people offering services connected to the travel industry. So how do you give people that in-person connection experience virtually without it being just another video call they have smile through? Our guest faced those challenges as a business leader taking care of his employees while operating a company that couldn't offer services without travel. 

Sean Hoff and his team at Moniker Partners, who offer creative corporate retreats worldwide, were able to turn their internal challenges of staying connected into a successful pivot that's not just allowed their business to survive but grow. While the world and travel start to open back up, this conversation helps to highlight the digital pivots we've all made out of necessity and how we can integrate them long-term.

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