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Are you curious about how feasible being a Digital Nomad actually is? Worried about missing out on career growth or opportunities in your personal life? You need to listen to our guest, Steve Anderson, who shows how being a Digital Nomad does not mean you miss out on career success or community networking. It’s all about building the lifestyle and career path that interests you.

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Are you looking to change your work-life balance by shifting to digital work, but you are past the point of wanting to be a Digital Nomad to roam the world living out of a backpack? Instead, you might be looking for the life of a Digital Independent. Intrigued? You need to listen to our guest this week, Glen Hicks. 

Glen followed a typical 9 - 5 corporate career for most of his life but reached a point where he had the opportunity to make a change, and he took it. Now he can spend more time with friends, family and other life pursuits while still working. This conversation brings out many topics about work-life balance and how we should be doing more to value the time we have with friends, families, and our passions as a culture. 

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