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Is your banker invested in wanting to see your business have a positive impact on your community? Does your financial team try to find ways to get you access to funding or better financial products based on what your company's goals are? To anyone out there that is saying, "That's not what bankers do.", you need to listen up.

Lars Boggild of Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) joins us to talk about how they are Canada's first impact bank with B Corp status and what that all means. Credit unions have always been about community, but the approach from VCIB also prioritizes impact for good which opens doors to people who may not be the traditional big banks' ideal customers.  

How do you bank? Do you find you've hit issues with getting access to funding or products from traditional big banks? 

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Dr. Sarah Gander is a Social Pediatrician, and beyond her various medical responsibilities, she is also adding to her skill set by taking a coaching certification. She’s the Co-founder of NB Social Pediatrics Inc., a non-profit focused on breaking down barriers so children and their families have the support they need regardless of their life situation. She shares with Dave and Greg how she’s facing complex issues head-on and not shying away from the reality that terrible things can and do happen in our communities. 

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