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We all face challenges that can change everything for us in a single moment. To deal with those challenges, sometimes we push ourselves through without stopping, so it looks like we’re doing just fine. But, most times, when we do this, we’re not fine. And we don’t always look back to acknowledge what we have been through, work through the trauma and celebrate our successes. Our returning guest, Emily Rodger, shares how she hopes reflecting on her own experiences in a new Hemmings House short film documentary will help others begin to process challenging experiences in their lives. 

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Does the idea of public speaking leave you feeling like you’d rather run in the opposite direction? Do you have to become a “Corporate” version of yourself to feel comfortable delivering a presentation? There’s leadership power that can come from sharing your knowledge in an authentic, unique to you delivery style. Our guests Elissa Bernstein and Steven Lecky work with clients to help find and improve their confidence, individuality, and voice that can only be theirs.

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