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Think about the last conversation you had. Were you fully listening to what the other person was saying, or were you on your phone, thinking about what you had to do next and just not fully engaged with what the other person was saying? A long-time friend of Dave’s and fellow Wallace McCain Institute alum joined him and Emily to have a conversation about listening. Outside of being a successful and accomplished entrepreneur, Crystal Trevors shared her journey of hearing loss to highlight how active listening needs to be a conscious choice you make. If you choose not to listen actively, the impact on your ability to communicate and for the other person to feel heard will suffer. 

Crystal is starting down a life coaching path to help others find joy in their lives, both professionally and personally. And with so much of being joyful in life often tied to how much we feel heard, seen, and understood, it makes total sense to want to work with a coach who deeply understands the role of listening. 

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Have you recently realized that there needs to be more in life than what you are currently experiencing? The last two years has been a shift in work-life balance. Whether it's working from home, seeing an increase in stress or dealing with loss in challenging circumstances, it has people looking to find a bigger purpose. In this conversation, we welcome Bruce McLeod, a returning guest, a long-time colleague of Dave Veale's and the Executive Coach to our guest co-host Emily Rodger. It is a group of coaches talking about what they've seen happen in their industry in the last two years, but it's also a group of people having an enlightening discussion about what being a coach brings to their lives, how people are shifting to find more purpose and how digital connections are driving all of these interactions. 

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How much thought every day do you put into making sure what you do in business and life is done with compassion for others? Think about that for a moment. What does compassion mean to you? Our returning guest musician, speaker, writer and storyteller Dave Carroll joins us to talk about how he works with the concept of Compassionate Design. Dave shares insights from his newest album, "Until One Day", and his new children's book, "Tom The Tomato Plant".
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