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It's easy for us to see how Johanne McInnis has been a leading force for change and improvement in multiple communities over the years. During our chat, she shared with Emily and Dave her life story and her views on helping young mothers and women achieve more than being a statistic. We hear what motivated her to make a difference and the welcomed cultural shift happening in younger generations. 

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Three years from our first time speaking with Emily Rodger and we put Dave’s now co-host into the hot seat this week to reflect on her journey over the last few years and entering into the coaching world. Dave and Emily talk about her view around de-mystifying coaching, and her holistic approach to coaching, which Emily has found lately has many parallels to being a pacer for ultra marathons. This athletic connection that runs throughout Emily’s life and the leadership skills she’s gained through coaching has led her to create a non-profit, On The Rise, to help young to learn about themselves and develop leadership skillsets. 

We also hear about Emily’s upcoming CBC documentary working with Hemmings House, which will be airing soon as a follow-up to the successful short film Cadence.

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Emily introduces Dave to a friend who always makes her smile, and we quickly learn why. With her upbeat and vibrant energy, Stefanie Loukes shares her experiences building a business, Rabbittown Beverage, during the pandemic. As a new entrepreneur, she uses creativity to engage with people and talks about her experiences in national pitch competitions leading up to Dragon’s Den. We also hear about the core values Stefanie has built her business around, including having no judgement towards others and creating an accepting space that gives everyone the support they need. 

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