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Mention the word Healthcare, and everyone right now is going to have an opinion. It’s an important topic that needs expertise and compassion to find effective solutions for the general population and healthcare workers facing burnout. Enter our guest, Dr Nicole Boutilier. Nicole wears many hats in life, from Doctor to Mom to Healthcare Leader to Coach, but no matter what hat she’s wearing, she’s bringing years of experience and a passion for creating transformation. 

Craig Estabrooks shares how the Port Saint John is making its presence known to grow the positive economic and community impact of a deep water port in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Leadership is not limited to one industry. Strong leaders can grow in any business with the proper support and the space to grow and flex creativity. You only have to listen to how Craig Estabrooks, President and CEO for the Port Saint John, speaks about his career path and how they motivate their employees and positively impact economic growth for their community.

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